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I've always been a lover and writer of fanfiction, but it wasn't until I got into MLP that I really found something I loved writing about. Hope you all enjoy.

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    Flash let out a massive sneeze, his discharge almost hitting Trixie and Springer, "Eww!"

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Flash Sentry Chronicles: War of the Lost City · 7:42am Feb 13th, 2020

An evil exists

"This city."

That wishes for only one thing

"It's secrets...will be mine."

But for every darkness, there exists a light

Flash let out a massive sneeze, his discharge almost hitting Trixie and Springer, "Eww!"

Flash smirked as he rubbed his nose, "Sorry."

This year

Flash and his friends's jaws dropped, gasping at the sight of the city before them.

The lost city is discovered

"What was that?" Ruby asked, spinning around like a top as she summoned a small crystal sword. "We're not alone here."

By more then one side

The sound of the explosion swept across the city, the ground shaking to its very core as the building was reduced to rubble.

Their eyes shrunk as they saw more of the army march into the city, everypony flinching at the sight of the many different creatures moving as one.

A battle will begin

"ATTACK!" Cold roared as the six charged forward.

"Wings up and take no prisoners!" Soarin yelled as he took to the sky.

"Feel the wrath of the great and powerful TRIXIE!" The unicorn's horn sparked as a multitude of Trixie copies appeared around her.

That will challenge everypony involved

Ruby and Armalum danced around one another, their weapons clashing as fast sparks flared around like a twister in the air.

Springer panted as Shadow poured more of his magic into his shadows, the flames burning away at his shield.

They will be tested

"Something's playing a game with us," Flash grumbled while crossing his hooves, the rest of his friends glancing around the room. "And if we wanna survive, we're gonna have to win."

By a force like none they've ever seen before

"What are you?" Flash asked as he stared at the crystal.

Ruby growled as she turned to the others. "Whatever is doing this, it's a being with power beyond anything we know that exists."

Who will win

Soarin zigzagged through the street, slipping past the barrage of lightning bolts with every bit of his energy.

Trixie screamed as she was sent flying back, slamming into a wall before slumping down the surface like a heap.

Who will lose

"I'm one step closer," Shadow chuckled as he stared down at his prize.

Springer felt a shiver down his spine as he sank into the water, barely able to summon the focus to create an Aura Blast.

And who will survive

"NOOOOO!" Flash screamed as he watched the blade stab into his friend, his heart stopping at the sight.

Never before had Flash felt so alone, not even before he met Twilight, as he stood in the room that should have been filled with the voices of his friends. But the room was silent. His friends were gone.

Friendships will be tested

Cold quickly created a wall of ice, him and Soarin hiding behind it as a blast of wind struck the frozen barrier. If they were gonna win this, they needed to work together

Secrets will be revealed

"Impossible," Ruby whispered, her eyes twitching as she began to backpedal.

"No way," Flash gasped, closing one of his eyes as he knew it had to be his injuries. "This...can't be real."

And war will begin...that could change the fate of Equestria forever

The screen flickered between images of different fights, each image only appearing for a second before being replaced. And as this happened, the screen stopped to a singular image, this one showing Flash.

He was staring up at something behind the camera, picking himself up as the screen's view shifted to his rear. There he looked up, now seeing all six of Shadow's followers now standing on an elevated area.


Flash and Shadow stared each other down, both gripping their weapons. Finally, the time had come to end this.

COMING, 17/3/2020

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Hahaahah dats right suckas I AM FIRST!

Comment posted by Gta Player deleted Feb 13th, 2020

You may not like my motives, but we live our own lives.

This feels just like the trailer to an epic action movie. This is going to be awesome!

Now that's what you call quite the trailer, I'm quite pumped to read this! :pinkiehappy:

*sees release date*


What's wrong? It's 5 weeks away. It could have been much further away.

I know, still it doesn't make it less painful :applecry:

This trailer goes awsome with "The Show Must Go On" by Queen. Cant wait for this. :pinkiehappy:

5202318 Personally, I wouldn't have just one song with it. I'd have it be similar to the Heroes Rising trailer.

Okay frist of why that date and we have to want that long? second how many chapters are in it?

5202330 That date because the week before will be the last Friendship Games Chapter. I'm not entirely sure yet.

Scared of what? That the alicorn race was actually destroyed by a creature far more powerful. Or the fact that Flash might loose his sanity while fighting Shadow. Or that they might loose seeing as they are outnumbered and outgunned (Seeing Evil Sentry one hit a Flash Sentry who was in Sacred Light form by the way), and if your gonna prove me wrong on the one hit one kill, read again as Evil Sentry straight up murders the other Flash's and cuts them like butter.

Wow.... itโ€™s like a novelized commercial or trailer. To quote the Grinch. โ€œThis is nuts!โ€

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