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  • Sunday
    Short Hand: Rarity and Spike

    Just an older snippet I will probably repurpose for Short Hand eventually.

    - - -

    Spike is helping Rarity with her work. Ever since Twilight ascended and Shepherd's helped coach him through controlling his greed, he's become taller and bigger. And in many eyes, far more handsome.

    Spike: "Here, this is the needle you want."

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    8 comments · 319 views
  • 6 days
    Short Hand: Missed Opportunity

    Shepherd is fixing some plumbing in Rarity's shop while Twilight and Rarity work on a dress, with Spike hoping accessories up.

    Rarity: "Darling, something just occurred to me. You were in Canterlot when dear Shepherd was discovered, were you not?"

    Twilight: "Oh, I was!"

    Rarity: "Then how did you and Spike never meet him?"

    Twilight: "Ah... Well..."


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  • 6 days
    Short Hand: Trusting Chaos

    One night, while Shepherd is reading at home... He hears some bells ringing, and then his walls turn purple. He sighs, and closes his eyes tightly.

    Discord: "Guess who?"

    Shepherd: "Not in the mood."

    Discord: "Aw, why must you be so hurtful, Shepherd? After all, I am reformed! Fluttershy said so herself!"

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  • 6 days
    Short Hand: The Dark Emperor Shepherd 8

    Shining Armor slowly came to, and took quick notes on his situation: His horn had a magic resistant ring around it, he was tied up, and he was sitting in a chair. No doubt he was about to be interrogated and tortured by the Evil Dark Emperor Shepherd.

    Shepherd: "Oh hey, he's coming around!"

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  • 1 week
    Short Hand: The Dark Emperor Shepherd 7

    At Canterlot Palace, Shepherd is pacing back and forth and trying not to trip over his own cape.

    Blueblood: "The entire Crystal Empire fleet is heading this way, Your Dreadfulness."

    Shepherd: *groans* "Oh good! More pressure! I don't suppose we could just tell Shining this is all a wacky sitcom plot?"

    Raven: "Alas my Dark Lord, he is unlikely to believe you."

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Story Preview: Strange Land · 1:50am February 12th

The little thing would alternate between crying his eyes out, or sleeping fitfully. As he awakened, Celestia braced herself. Already, she was rocking the little one in her wings and preparing a gentle lullaby as Raven Feather began rattling off potential families.

"The Bluebloods might take it as an honor, but too much of one... The Dusks are a bit odd but that might help..."

The baby human opened his eyes, and stared up into hers. Such large eyes in such a puffy, red face. He was quiet, gazing up in wonder and need as her hummed lullaby flowed through him. Such an innocent expression, full of hope and potential. Just like any of the foals she had born, so long, long ago.

"Fancy Pants just got married, but he might be at the stage he can accept a little one..."

She felt his heartbeat through her wings, and against her chest as she drew the little pink thing nearer. She felt herself grow warm and gooey, deep in her soul. Even her ancient heart was moved by the tiny life, just begun, resting against her. Raven Feather had stopped talking when she lifted her head. Her aide saw the look on her sovereign's face.

"Your Majesty?" She asked primly, quill ready to go. Celestia looked back at the infant human, and saw his tiny hand reach up. His chubby little fingers trying to grasp for something, anything. She bent her head down and nuzzled him, feeling his strange little fingers tug lightly on her fur. He cooed gently, like a sleepy dove.

Her long dormant maternal instincts kicked into overdrive, melting her heart like the springtime thaw of snow capped mountains.

Celestia was a master politician and wartime general. She knew how to play many games, and play them well.

So she knew with utter certainty when she had been beaten. This was one such time.

She lifted her eyes to her assistant, letting the baby continue to hold onto her.

"That will not be necessary," she said softly.

Raven Feather blinked a few times. The doctors nearby looked elsewhere, though Healing Heart was smiling.

"Your Majesty," she said, "please tell me you are not thinking of-" Raven Feather began, but a look from her princess stopped her.

"I'm not thinking. I've thought. And decided," Celestia said firmly. "Please draw up the papers for proper adoption, and have them processed in the usual way. You may as well prepare official notices to go out as well-Let's do this properly."

Her aide sighed softly, but nodded.

"... And the name we will use?" Raven Feather asked.

Celestia glanced at the tiny armband that the doctor had cut away to examine the child's arm. She smiled.

"He already received a name. Let us not disrespect his human parents by using another. He will be Prince. Prince... Ryan Solaris."

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Comments ( 9 )

I look forward to this. Although, I like "Daystar" for a surname.

This child is definitely in for interesting times.

One of the most in-character Celestia moments I've seen on this site, IMHO. :eeyup:

This is going to be wonderful. I want to see there this goes.

I wonder if he'll be raised alongside Spike?

This story preview still a thing?

Eventually. I have a lot of other writing projects going on right now.

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