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"Why in the world are we here? Surely not to live in pain and fear?" – John Lennon

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Chipping Away at the Wordless Expanses · 10:38pm Feb 11th, 2020

I really wanted to get an entry done for the Young Six contest Miller Minus was hosting, but, well... that didn't pan out. Long story short, I got intimidated by all the big names joining the contest group, became paranoid that all my story ideas were terrible and I'd just end up completely embarrassing myself in front of some of my favorite active writers on this site, and by the time the deadline arrived I hadn't actually finished anything.

So, uh... whoops?

The good news, however, is that even if nothing official's come of it thus far, I have been writing a lot over the last two months or so.

For the immediate future, I'm planning to put the final few touches on the first completed draft of Why Me? Why Not., the GallusStream fic I teased all the way back in November. There are a few other side projects I'm also planning to spend a little time on (two fics called The World's Not Set In Stone and Miles Above It All, amongst others), but as of right now 90% of my writing focus is on WMYN, seeing as it's been already been delayed a couple of times as-is. With luck, I should be able to finally publish it by the end of the month.

Random Fun Fact: Spike is ambidextrous.

I hope I'll see you then!

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