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So.. Wanted to say sorry for lack of updates.. · 9:14am Feb 11th, 2020

College... Why college? Why? Whatever have I done to you? :fluttercry:​​​​​​​

So many assignments!

Sorry I haven't really been writing or anything much lately, but I've been swamped!

For a little perspective on my current workload: I'm about 2-3 weeks into my semester and I have four classes this semester (English Composition, College Algebra, Intro to Networking, and C# programming). I get about 2-4 assigments a week from math, nothing 'weekly' so far from english but I have had to do two writing assignments (I kinda went overboard. Second one was supposed to be 500-900 words, I ended up with a rough draft of 1935 and ended with a final draft of 1827), and about 1-2 assignments per week for C#. Not too bad.. But my networking class...

Oh my networking class. I had 18 assignments the first week, 11 the second, 32 this last week.. These are due every single Tuesday. I'm having trouble remembering all the stuff I'm learning, it's just good luck I have experience with some parts of it..

Anyways, sorry to rant and rave and ramble all this stuffs about, just kind of wanted to put this down somewhere so I know I'm not just going crazy(er:derpytongue2:) or finding my sanity (:pinkiecrazy:), or something.. Also so that my current reason(/excuse) for my (admittedly very) infrequent postings is here.

(Previous excuse includes my previous tech job piling so many extra responsibilities on my plate (without extra pay) that I worked unpaid through my lunch breaks, after hours when everyone else went home, on weekends when everyone else was home, on jobs overnight (worked one 7am-9am shift on a project) and even from my home(Heck, even worked at my bosses home once, since I went to help put in a new power pole when theirs got knocked down in a storm). Then my boss suddenly set me up to be fired (at least according to my friends, ex-coworkers, and family) shortly after I trained a newly hired secretary to at least handle the ticket systems, phones, emails, filing, and invoices. Follow this up with frantically searching for a new job and ending up in college after nobody would so much as give me an interview. Still hoping that was coincidence and not foul play on my ex-bosses part, since he seems to know everyone around here.)

Anyways, sorry again for rambling (and lack of story updates) and I hope everypony is doing well. I'll try and update whenever I can. :pinkiesmile:

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