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Rarity · 4:41am February 8th

I'm writing a story about Rarity.

I like Rarity as a character. She's awesome. But, if she were real, I know we wouldn't get along. Weird, right? Still, it doesn't mean I don't have some affection for her.


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Comments ( 22 )

Im the same way. I like Rarity as a character, but if she was real i could only see us as being acquaintances at best.

Still we need to show our marshmallow some love :raritywink:

I dunno, you got along with me just fine, and my wife told me I’m essentially Rarity.

Rarity was never my favorite but I always respected her character. The simple fact that she dresses up with makeup and styles her name meticulously NOT to be noticed by the opposite sex but for the simple fact that she wants to look good.

That and her exasperated side was always fun

Which pony is your wife then O.o

Does your story involves the self insert tag? Because it makes it sound you're adding romance into your story, then again we're in the Valentines Season so I can see where your going with this. :ajsmug:

The funny thing is that I’ve written an unhealthy amount of Rarity, and I’ve hung out with you & had a blast doing it... but in some ways I think you might be right. :derpytongue2: I have no doubt that Rarity would be polite, and that you’d be warm—but I could also see you guys not fully clicking on some level. Maybe she’d turn down a pull from your flask, or maybe she wouldn’t get into the Eurobeat when it starts droppin’.

Or maybe it’s more like early-seasons Rarity might not click with you. I feel like she loosened up some as the show went on. Having Blueblood snub her, having Sassy nearly drive her to hate what she loved, and even having her mane get wrecked, all changed her. (Incidentally, that’s why I love her as a character: she grows in big and tangible ways when faced with adversity. And she fights.)

I would’ve guessed you were Trixie. :trollestia: :rainbowwild:

Oh sweet! What story are you writing?

Rarity was always fun to watch on the show. I feel like she could have been expanded upon a bit more, but hey, I can't complain about what we got from her throughout nine seasons.

Anyway, keep on writing it, I love a good Rarity fic. :raritywink:

*Report this post*

*I'm in this picture and I don't like it*

Some comedy with cuddles at the end :3

You made in interesting point. One which makes me wonder how many of us like a character in the show, but know we wouldn't get along with each other if we really met?

Thank God it wasn't just me. I always has a discussion with my parents about my apparence, and if Rarity would be there I would freakout and storm out many times.

Rarity from Season 4 on is absolute gold! You got this!

I hear you there, I'd be the same way with Rainbow Dash.

Moosetasm does NOT talk about himself in the third person!

Luna. Self torturing, polite, into things noone would expect.

YASSS!!!! Another story about best pony!!!:raritystarry:

hey mate, just out of curiosity, is this another one of those choose-your-own-path books? I've been hoping for one about rarity for a while

Unfortunately not this one. It is a little bit longer than what I usually post though!

Gotcha. Still hope I can see that sometime!

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