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  • Monday
    Apologies & Edits

    I went over the two published chapters for my 100th story. Unfortunately, I found one of the published chapters (the second) was left unedited. I'm not sure why this was, or at least why it was unedited but published, something I really only have when a chapter is ready to be submitted on an unpublished story. That was incredibly embarrassing, but I've fixed everything now. :facehoof:

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  • Monday
    a bit late but

    100th story is here!

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  • 6 days
    100th Story Drops Tomorrow!

    What it says on the tin, folks. The first chapter of my 100th(!) story will be dropping at 7 pm EST tomorrow. It's the start of my adventure anthology for all the lore and parts of the mythos that never quite got their own solo tales. There will be lots about the Alicorns, other divine, and the origin of many species. For the three people and their alts that follow Missing Pages & Scrawled

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  • 1 week
    Favor! Freedom/Cuirfy accidentally deleted his account...

    ...if you were a follower of his, you can find his backup account right here.

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  • 1 week
    okay i get it

    y'all always compliment my avatar but the fact that the sombra in it is female bugs me now

    i used to not mind it too much before but now it's weird to me


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Update Reminder · 1:08am February 8th

Heyo! Just a blog for anyone who didn't check out that big schedule list a while back. This is to remind y'all who have been waiting since April that Enemy of Mine's latest chapter will be going live at 7:00 PM EST on Sunday. The rest of the month will be devoted to other Enemy of Mine related updates like interludes and the relevant shorts in Missing Pages & Scrawled Footnotes.

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EA Moment of Truth
At the end of "Daring Doubt", Ahuizotl revealed after touching the Truth Talisman that he was a Jungle Guardian who was tasked with protecting the artifacts of the River Basin. However, was that really the truth he was spilling? Or somehow...a lie?
A Man Undercover · 5.4k words  ·  34  8 · 575 views

I’m mainly asking this based on you being a member of the Ahuizotl group I founded.

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