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What is Discord? · 4:25am February 7th

Going into this, it should be said that I love Discord. I absolutely adore him as a character and I love his arc from a narcissistic, yet lonely, mad god to a more humble, caring individual who still causes trouble because of his chaotic nature. I also love the Fluttercord ship and by now I'm totally convinced that it's canon and no one can convince me otherwise. FIGHT ME!!!

I was scrolling around and ran into some great fan art that depicted Discord and Fluttershy's offspring. I believe this is usually referred to as a "Next Gen AU." So, the question that I'd like to pose is in regards to Discord's biology and whether or not he actually possesses the ability to procreate in any capacity.

Well, geez, NightScript. That's just a fancy way of asking whether or not the dude has genitals.

Yes, yes. I do want to know if Discord has natural genitals. I'm sure he could certainly make himself some if he so desired, but that's not exactly what I'm wanting to figure out. Rather, I'm more curious as to the true nature of Discord as a physical entity over that of the Spirit of Chaos. Now, we know that Discord is THE Spirit of Chaos and it's more than safe to assume that that is entirely the reason he was written as a draconequus, but it begs the question as to whether or not he is the ONLY draconequus and if so, where did he come from?

Now we know that Discord has a physical form. He's not entirely made of magic or just manifests himself in whatever way he choses, though it seems to be perfectly within his power. We know for certain that he has a physical form that exists independently from his status as the Spirit of Chaos thanks to Tirek. At the end of Season 4 during "Twilight's Kingdom" we see him lose his magic, but if Discord was nothing but sapient chaos magic given physical form, it would make sense that he would be consumed entirely. As we know, this does not happen and Discord is rendered, for the lack of a better word, "normal." No magic. No powers. Just a lowly creature made up of mismatched parts.

Of course, the show has to go and contradict itself in Season 7 Episode 12 when Discord attempts to minimize his chaotic nature and ultimately begins to fade away into nothingness. In this sequence of events, Fluttershy describes Discord as being a "creature of pure chaos," but perhaps she was only half right. You see, at this point, Discord still has his magic. It hasn't suddenly been ripped away from him and I do believe that gives us some breathing room. There's no doubt that chaos magic is a big part of Discord's very essence, but we already know that he's able to exist without it. What happens though when his physical form begins to contradict that magic? It would seem that it destroys him, not because he's lost his magic, but because his chaotic side and non-chaotic side are essentially cancelling each other out.

What does this mean? It means that Discord is a physical being, his existence as a draconequus being a direct result of his chaotic nature, but also capable of existing without that magic. Knowing this, we can say for sure that one of two things is the case. Either Discord was born or he somehow came to be in some other way. Assuming that he is the only draconequus and that he wasnt born, it seems to suggest that is not in his natural form capable of reproduction. For what reason would a being of chaos have reproductive organs if his species is not the result of some biological process? If he was born, it seemingly answers the question about his reproductive abilities, because if he has a mother and father then it is something he should be perfectly capable of.

There are alternatives, such as the idea that he was born in some form, but became a draconequus through some magical means and that fact that he can physically exist independent of his magic would support this idea, but it begs further questions about who and what he would have been before becoming the Spirit of Chaos, but from a literary perspective it just doesn't seem right to me for reasons that I cant quite explain.

So, if Discord is in fact a being who came into existence through means other than natural birth, it seems likely that, despite having a true physical form, that he is not naturally capable of producing offspring without the assistance of magic manipulation. Without further information though, it would seem that there isnt much else that can be inferred if it weren't for one massive thing that needs to be considered and that's if Discord's physical form is independent from his magic, then does his body also carry out independent bodily functions? In simplified terms, does Discord poop?

If the answer is yes, then it also suggests that there is a chance that Discord would be capable procreation, but if the answer is no, then it means that the magic that Discord makes use of is also what keeps him alive and without it, he would eventually shrivel up and die, which would fall in line with the events of Discordant Harmony in a way. Given that Discord only spent a short amount of time without his magic, this seems equally likely.

So, what does all this mean? Is there really any kind of definite answer in regards to Discord's nature? Disappointingly enough, the answer is no. Without further information, it really comes down to a writer's own opinions on the matter. What we can say for sure though, is that there is a great amount of flexibility for Discord and as someone who likes definite answers to these kinds of things, that drives me absolutely nuts, but I suppose it is for the best.

So now that I have sufficiently rambled on, I'm going to reward you for getting all the way to the end with these lovely pieces of fan art that can be found on Derpibooru.





^^This is my personal favorite^^


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