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I'm an adult male with a love for creativity. Also, CHANGELINGS! (So sorry but pease dont follow me only for a follow back. If you want to know why, I have a blog called "Sorry for the Unfollow".)

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Im not really into THE mature stuff. But... · 8:19am February 6th

Post is not intended to complain or shame

Im not into the stories with sex and porn as their main focus. However. Sometimes a tittle and/or description just grabs your attention, and you have to see what the hell is going on... I ran into a story called "ima shove it in my peehole"... I had to know. So I clicked on it to read the full description. And was laughing so hard I couldn't be disgusted till 3 days later. It's not what it 'sounds' like... its bait and switch in a clever and hilarious way. (At the time the description didn't say "doesnt contain urethral".) I left several comments that were meant as jokes, but I kinda regret going in the first place. It was my own fault. And to each his/her own, so I'm not shaming anyone... but dayum...
I didn't need to know foalcon was even a thing.

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Comments ( 4 )

You fool! Now your eyes will never be able to unsee that which you have read!

<Insert spongebob "my eyes" meme here>... JK it's fine, just not for me that's all.

I hear ya. I tend to stay clear of such stories as well.

But the title and pic DEMANDED I click... and it was so fricking hilarious...

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