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State of the Scribe: February 2020 · 11:29pm Feb 5th, 2020

Hey pones, coming in fast for another calendar! A little more chill this month, though there are still some exciting things going on. Right now we're in a transitional period as I wait for a few covers to get finished so stories can come to fimfiction (Fine Print, Twilight is an Espeon Now, Hand of the Ancients). That's out of my control, unfortunately--but as soon as Zutcha feels like doing them, I'll get those stories posted.

Through the Aurora will be finishing this month. It's been over a year to get this story to where it is, and it's a bittersweet moment for me to say goodbye. Still, I've absolutely loved telling it, and there's a little something special in the works for when it ends. Keep an eye out that last Sunday for more news.

Thanks so much for continuing to support me. I'm closing on 4 million words thanks to all your help. It's... a significant milestone.

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Here's to four megawords of awesome fiction and many more to come. :twilightsmile:

One of the greatest writers and I always feel invested in your stories and characters. Thanks for so much and here’s to more!

Congratulations on so much writing! :D

Is Twilight Sparkle is an Espeon Now ending this month?

Yes, these are the last two chapters.

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