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Hippity Hoppity, Clippity Cloppity · 2:15pm February 2nd

So, things are actually going damn well just now.

  • My son is about to move in with me.
  • Brightly Lit 2 has been received well.
  • Mental health issues are at a minimum
  • Physical health is overall good, for someone of my age.
  • My D&D group is about to attack the original Tomb of Horrors about 3 hours from now.

All in all, not bad. Which means I want to push things a wee bit. This month I am going to be writing another chapter of Brightly Lit 2 and a chapter of Slaves to Darkness. But I would also like to write something else. You see, there happens to be a small clopfic contest going on, and I'd like to write something for it. The problem is, my fertile and fetid mind is spoiled for choice as to exactly what to write.

I need some help deciding what I should write for my contest clopfic. I have three broad ideas in mind, and I'm hoping you kind people can help me decide between the following:

  1. Thruster Mark IV, which would be sexy shenanigans involving Picard's Enterprise and Equestrians with their lust powered starship.
  2. A Daring Do tentacle fic. This would involve Daring Do, tentacles, egg incubation, a lost city, and a mysterious twist at the end.
  3. A dark clopfic starring a submissive, conquered Celestia and a dominant, powerful King Sombra.

So, can ya help a wordsmith out? Reply in the comments, or reach out to me via Discord, PM's here, or even messages on Second Life. I've got a full couple of months to write this but I'd like to start fanta— <ahem> dreaming up the plot for the story soon.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support in, holy crap, 2020.

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Comments ( 9 )

Let's see what's behind door number... TWO!

Option two, I choose you!

Two in hoof is worth- ah, you get the point!

I like idea two there.

Be bold and combine them all into one

Voting for Three, but would be happy to be outvoted too.

I'd vote for number two! Tentacles, tentacles, tentacles, so many tentacles.

I choose door number three...

A dark clopfic starring a submissive, conquered Celestia and a dominant, powerful King Sombra.

Oh, the possibilities!

And is your son moving in with you a good thing, or...?

The son moving in (he's 17) is a very good thing. :)

door number three, pretty pretty please

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