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Disney's Star Wars Episode 9: The Rise Of Skywalker is at the number 7 spot at the box office · 8:54am Feb 1st, 2020

Disney's Star Wars Episode 9: The Rise Of Skywalker is at the number 7 spot at the box office and it is currently rated at 52% at Rotten Tomatoes, making is the most low rated Star Wars film in history. The movie barely made a billion dollars nearly a month after it's grand premiere. For Disney, this is a embarrassing disaster.

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It is. Lucas apparently wants to make a comeback and save it, but I don't know what Disney's ultimate plans are, since I don't they even know. ObiWan looks like it's DOA and plans are in heavy flux. They can't run anything right.

I really doubt that Disney will let George Lucas back in. Disney is too arrogant to admit that they screwed up.

True. Leftists never admit they were wrong, then their whole ideology would go out the window with them.
Disney may not admit it but they won't be making any more Star Wars films for awhile.

Disney may do Star Wars movies again, 30 years from now.

Probably. Considering the disarray that Star Wars is in right now. And that's probably why Lucas wants back in so bad, because he knows it's in such bad shape.

All because of that ugly ass feminist bitch KK had to ruin it all. Disney helping all the way. They could've reversed course, changed direction and hired better people, but NNNOOOOOO....

They had to leave it all in the hands of that crazy, fug looking feminist nut KK and her snot feminazee bitches. Whole damn thing ruined and forever tainted by her, her nut job cultists she hired, and having the whole trilogy debased with piss poor writing, agendas, and having weirdos like a flat chested, stealth tranny with a big ass forehead and a jug eared emo ass barrel looking mofo as their main characters. Fuck it!

What do you expect from Disney a company that is infested by Furries and pedos on every level?

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