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So I want to try something new · 5:20am January 31st

One thing I've wanted to do was one of those ponysona videos (already have my art), and I was thinking: why not try to mix it with something fun that can probably generate a bunch of stuff to talk about? So... how about a Q&A for Sunset's Isekai?

Here are just a couple of rules I considered:

  1. No "Can you write a crossover with X?" questions. If you want to know why, I can answer that question. :twilightsmile:
  2. Please look at other people's questions before posting yours, just to make sure you're not repeating them. I will try to go through all of them!
  3. Don't ask me "will you write a story with this plot" questions. I can also answer why if you want!

Here are also some topic ideas that I would already be interested in discussing, you can be specific about certain chapters if you want:
Feel free to discuss worlds already visited, or ask me about characters from those worlds. That could be an interesting conversation!
References in the chapters.
Sunset's Noodle Incidents
Theories about the Isekai's role in the multiverse.
Questions about writing with X author.

And of course, other questions that you might have regarding the story as long as they don't break the first three rules. I do reserve the right to not answer a question if I feel it might spoil something (unlikely) but I will do my best to at least touch on it even if in passing.

Anyway! If you're all set, go ahead and post your questions in this blog! I'll give it a week so that anyone that's interested can leave some and put a reminder in the Author Notes of the next Isekai chapter!

Alright! No more questions! I'll be recording my answers and making the video.


Report Wanderer D · 631 views · Story: Sunset's Isekai ·
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Comments ( 36 )

My question is, how do you feel about Sunset's Isekai?

Qns 1: How do you come up with which stories to crossover with first?

Being non-specific here, but what has been the most enjoyable thing working with so many different authors of varying talents and styles? What has seemed to work the best?

In theory, Sunset's Isekai didn't actually have to be Sunset as bartender. Why Sunset? And if not Sunset, who would you have chosen?

Chapter you most enjoyed writing (from an audience's standpoint, not the actual process because that would be rude to answer :P )?

How the hell do you ingest so many different stories so easily and incorporate them with the theme/setting? ... this may be a bit too general but that's what I've always been impressed with how you did this with an ANTHOLOGY series no less.

Who is your favorite guest and why?

Hay tantas preguntas que no sé por dónde empezar, así que creo que voy a dejar que otra versión de mi lo haga.

1. How come Rarity got the bar?

2. Has any of the regulars (Sunset, Lena, Dani or Rarity) know the full extent of the power and purpose behind the bar?

3. Are the different "places to another world" (Nekoya, Sunset's Isekai, etc) connected in some way?

The rest of the questions are too esoteric and privy to Creation as a whole to be PG-13, so I won't let him ask anything else.

Sunset's Noodle Incidents

That's a question in itself, but I think someone else will ask that.

My question though is What are your top three favorite moments in the story so far? I mean, Sunset has had a lot of guests show up to her bar over the course of the story and has had a lot of stuff happen, so which ones are your personal favorites?

-time travel-

Will the world-

-Ben 10?


-come into play?

-a crossover with-

-be used in Sunset’s-

-Rarity’s from-

Will you do-


👍⚐☠☞🕆💧☜👎✍ 01000111 01101111 01101111 01100100 00101100 00100000 01100010 01100101 01100011 01100001 01110101 01110011 01100101 00100000 01001001 00100000 01100001 01101101 00101110

How do you pick the visitors to the bar?

Why did you choose to deign to visit your glory upon a worm like me, D-senpai?

Okay, but seriously;

What inspired you to do this?
What drove the decision to do solo-chapters focusing on out-of-fandom crossovers? Was than an idea from the start or did it occur over time?
What was your favorite surprise moment in writing? Something that came out of the process that hadn't been outlined but worked so well it stood out.
Favorite moment from the fic so far?
What in the hell was Sunset doing in Shadar Logoth?

How much of a "big picture" would you say there is to this story? I haven't read every chapter, but it feels like there's at least some progression to it, with references made in later chapters to things that happened in earlier ones. So is there, like, a definite direction the story's headed in, or is it just kind of meandering about from guest to guest and everything's figured out as you go?

1) Why do you start with Featherfall?
2) Having written a lot of chapters with the original author of the story where that chapter was set in, who was your favorite and why?
3) How, exactly, does the bar move in the multiverse? Is it like a spaceship, moving from one universe to the other?

Have Rarity (Sunset's boss) and Rarity (Sunset's high school friend) ever met? If so, what did they think of one another?

Has Sunset ever been unable to help someone beyond giving them a drink, or does the bar just not work that way?

Do the walls grow to accommodate all those photos, or is it more of a hyperspacial "They're all there, you just can't see all of them at the same time without crossing your eyes and taking the right drugs" sort of deal?

Do you plan out the details of any of the Noodle Incidents, or are they all just one-off gags?

Will you update your other stories?

Were you involved with every scene using your bar in SOTS

Do you like penguins/Piplup (strikethrough as necessary/appropriate)? Same goes for all relevant characters. (Pretty sure Angel Dust at least likes penguins, due to being notorious sexual deviants. You probably think I'm joking but why would I say something like that about my favorite animal if it weren't true?)

1. Do you have an endgame in mind for this?

2. How'd you come up with the idea for this?

3. How are you so awesome?

Are there any worlds, or concepts, that you have wanted to write about, but have had trouble figuring out how to write? Be they because there are sensitive topics at play that you don't want to misrepresent, or just plain had trouble penning down in a satisfactory way.

1) Virgin Pina colada? Why is the virgin version banned? I mean, it's the exact opposite of the expected.
2) Rarity never said she was a unicorn originally... and even mentions that she had hornS... and Charlie seems to recognize her but can't place her. Is she originally a bi-corn? <chuckles> Seriously... Rarity said she got out of a bad relationship but also mentions she had horns... anything you'd like to share?
3) If the bar fundamentally changes it's hosts depending upon where they end up, have there been any stops where they were preying upon their respective species because that's just the kind of thing that was done?
4) Have there been stowaways other than the spiderling?
5) Sunset and Rarity apparently 'shared' Lucifer. Anything else they're sharing that doesn't come in a fancy bottle?
6) Any chance of Sunset's original Celestia visiting at some point (or Sunset visiting her, for that matter)? She's retired now, I can certainly see a few pina coladas, baring a couple fuzzy navels, and the potential for sex on the beach. We're talking drinks. I just can't imagine Celestia's a one-shot Sunshine Surprise kinda gal.
& 7) With Sunset running all over, making friends and stirring up the pot in multiple universes/timelines, has she garnered any new enemies? We saw the Bab5 impact, after all, and there was an implied Vorlon runaway-protocol... but she's almost becoming a Doctor Who level figure with all these new legends that seem to be starting up surrounding a There-and-gone-again bar with a feisty bacon-haired host.

Oooh, it's here. I'll repeat my original question then: Recently, Sunset lamented that from her perspective years can go by without seeing her friends, but what's stopping her from just closing shop for the day (such as it is) and popping in for a visit every few days or weeks?

Also, something that just occurred to me, would you accept guest chapters?

Aight, here's a question.

You did a three-parter for the Babylon-5 arc. Do you plan to do any larger, more involved arcs in the future, or is Sunset's Isekai intended to stay largely an anthology of pick-and-choose events?

-GM, master of okay yes I'll ask a question.

Here's one:

Villains. Are we gonna see any? I'm sure there are plenty that'd value a drink over conquering a tiny multi-dimensional bar. The closest seen so far is that chick from the Horde (from She-ra. As a longtime warcraft fan, I admit I was confused at first) and she was post redemption (Or near redemption) and Nyarlathotep mentioned a couple times in passing and he's more human than his Outer God brethren.

Any ideas about real world events Sunset could not get involved in? Not talking world-changing, just being present.

Edit: and also, since the bar has been designated officially a neutral zone by some major heavy-hitters, are we going to see a hero talking to their rogues gallery or vice versa? Seeing the likes of Cobra Commander jawing with the Joes might be fun, depending on your muse.

Wanderer D

5196789 Can you clarify what you mean by:

Any ideas about real world events Sunset could not get involved in? Not talking world-changing, just being present.

I'm not sure I follow

Just stuff she mentions in passing that she's seen or knows about from Outside (tm). Stuff like watching the Bathurst race on a holiday with some version of RD, seeing a great batter hit a homer with an AJ, experiencing the televised Moon landings with Sci-Twi or going to one of the great concerts because she loves music. This Sunny is a more introspective lady than the norm, so her views and reactions might be fun to see. Doesn't have to be any conflict, this series works with or without it as you wish. Speaking if which, movie night with the Duckbergers and/or the girls might be a good idea. There have to be some fictional places that Sunset wants to keep firmly on the other side of the screen.

Wanderer D

5197122 I see what you mean!

Oohhh, this is really cool! Here's a question for you:

After writing The Sweetie Chronicles for so long, when you jumped into another multiverse crossover story, was there anything that happened with TSC that you are trying to either avoid or replicate in this story, and how did you go about that?

For example: the collaboration with various authors ended up causing many roadblocks during the writing of TSC... Did you do anything to avoid that in Sunset's Isekai? What did you do?

Is there a particular reason that both your inter-dimensional protagonists are into mixing drinks? Is this a personal fascination, a fun coincidence, or just a nice framind device for personal/emotional conversations?

(Given the detail you put into the drinks, I'm guessing it's an interest of yours... If it is, what was your favourite fantasy cocktail you've created?)

1: was there a shortlist of characters/crossovers you knew you wanted to use in this series before you started writing, or do they pretty much just happen as spur of the moment ideas?
2: which chapter gave you writer's block the hardest?
3: in the crossover chapters, do the authors of the original fics (Featherfall, Past Sins, etc.) have any input on how the chapter is written, i.e. characterization and continuity?


Do you have an endgame in mind for this?

calling it now: the bar is going to land inside the bar and Sunset ends up comforting herself or the author ends up in the bar and Sunset has an existential crisis

Curiosity killed the Frazzle...

Any chance of a Bionicle character (preferably Vakama) entering into the bar?

Wanderer D

5198672 Hm, I'm not answering that sort of question this time around, is there anything else you'd like to ask?

Well, there was my previous set of three questions, which are a bit confusing, to be fair.

Link to previous one here.

Wanderer D

5199259 I mean I did say:

No "Can you write a crossover with X?" questions.

So that's why I wanted to clarify

Eh, true, I’m incorrigibly undignified in my questioning of you. But what about the other two? I’m certain Rarity’s past has to catch up to the bar sometime.

Would you ever consider getting art done of the pictures Sunset has on her wall? How expensive would that be?

Would it be possible to crowdfund it as an artbook for the fic, or something like that? (Or would that be even more expensive? :twilightsheepish: )

I would pay money to see that happen, and I'm surprised that AFAIK it hasn't happened already

Maybe WD is waiting until there's a certain number of pictures are on Sunset's walls? Or maybe he has something planned in the story?
Something along the lines of:

*Sunset, awkwardly hanging up a picture in a corner because that's the only spot left*

"Oh no, there are so many pictures I ran out of wall! What ever shall I do?!

"I guess the only logical solution would be to take them and put them in a book... But that's so expensive! If only there was some way I could fund this book with the help of creatures from across the multiverse!"

*Rarity walks in*

"Good news, darling! I made a website for your book at https://www.patreon.com/Wanderer_D and began advertising across the multiverse! The pre-orders are already rolling in!"

"Wait, how did you hear about this book? I haven't even decided to make it yet!"

*Rarity shrugs*

"You see, darling, the human writing this comment is not only so bad at writing he can't convey actions without asterisks, he's also too lazy to think of a reasonable way for me to learn about your book."

"Oh, I see... Is that why you keep saying "darling" at the start of every sentence?"

"Yes, it seems that imbicile can't think of any better way to telegraph who's saying anything"

"Wow, he can't even spell imbecile right"

I feel like this is getting a bit mean spirited

"You wrote it. Why are you complaining?"

wait, who said that?!

"Wouldn't you like to know? If only you could write well enough to make that clear!"



"Anyways, buy our book."

Okay, maybe not exactly like that... But you get the idea.

It feels like over the course of the story there's been a shift towards having more non-pony-related worlds. Is that just a coincidence, or has this been an intentional shift?

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