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Yeah, nope · 5:00am January 29th

Disney continues to dig deeper into creative bankruptcy as they are planning to work on another remake of another classic. :facehoof:

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You said it. I’ll spend my money on something else.

How severe are their financial problems?

Look like financial problem isn't only their problems, it looks like Disney lost their sense of originality as well and turning the old classic to live-action. The age of cartoony animation on the big screen is coming to an end, who have thought that the detective Pikachu will start this kind of trends for cartoons. What is the big difference between animation cost and live-action cost?

The difference is around hundreds and millions of dollars. I honestly think that Disney is doing remakes not only to cater to new generations, but also to troll people who love the classics.

Dumbo and The Lion King have been disappointing, so I won't be surprised if Bambi ends up in a similar level. The theatrical experience of remakes will never be the same as the originals.

As much as I love the original I would actually love to see what they do with this.

Now the originals will always be a classes hold a special place in my heart.

But it seems the live action remakes tend to be a little more faithful to the source material. No, not the animated classics, but they actual stories.

Now I haven't seen Aladdin yet, but I have seen "The Jungle Book.

Now it may not be the animated classic with the bear necessities, but that was never in the original.

In the original story of Mowgli, Baloo and Bagheera were to teach Mowgli the laws of the Jungle.

But yeah, I actually look forward to seeing this Bambi live action remake to see if the might have some more things from the story of Bambi

Speaking of source material, if they ever plan to do a remake of Pocahontas, they better stick with her true biography. The original was criticized for its historical inaccuracy, being twisted and convoluted into a fictional love story, and for including the song "Savages" which dehumanized Native Americans.

In this version, the mother kills the hunter.

That would be so freaking hilarious!

Make something original damn it!

There's one called Raya and the Last Dragon and it will premiere in November.

*deep sigh* Nothing new under the sun

There are 2 Pixar films premiering in March and June. Both of them are original. Onward and Soul

quite interesting premises there

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