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I've always been a lover and writer of fanfiction, but it wasn't until I got into MLP that I really found something I loved writing about. Hope you all enjoy.

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Friendship Games · 10:40am Jan 28th, 2020

Hey all. As you can see, Season 5 has come to a close and before we get to what Flash is up to in the Lost city, we need to get Friendship Games out of the way. That's why I'd like everyone's help. During the Friendship Game's second round, who should Flash replace out of the Shadowbolts. Many of you probably don't like the idea of replacing one of them, but it needs to happen for the story. So, who do you think Flash should stand in for during the race. The character with the most saying they want out will be the winner...or should I say the loser.

Report Banshee531 · 769 views ·
Comments ( 31 )

Just a suggestioni, Sorry

Indigo Zapp. She contributed the least to the story in the movie, if one were to cut out her scenes from the movie, nothing of value would be lost. She deserves the Axe from the cast the most.

Awesome Banshee, looking forward to your take on the 3rd EQG movie! :yay:

As for who should be cut on the second round, gonna go with Indigo Zapp here.

Sunny Flare. She seems like the most underdeveloped out of the bunch

If you're gonna cut any of the Shadow Bolts, you're gonna have to cut them all. I say cut Shining Armor EQG,he's in one scene, and doesn't really contribute anything that Cadance couldn't do by making an appeal to Sci-Twi's relationship to Shining

5193458 I meant in the actual games. The second round, with the archery, skating and biking.

That's a hard decision.

I think it should either be Indigo Zap or Sunny Flare. Neither of them were developed that much in the actual film.

Okay I know that this version of Friendship games are going to have 6 chapters but how many chapters the lost city of Faust have?
PS I've never watch any of the EQG films and don't have any interest watching them so I would know about this.

I say let them compete, with your EQG Flash getting knocked out in the academic part of the competition

5193463 That's not happening.

Alright, who the hell is placin all these dislikes!?

Probably someone with nothing better to do. 😑

If I had to guess, it is probably Foxhelm. Just look at his comments. Once again he thinks he knows what's best for Banshee's stories better than Banshee himself does. Just ignore him, his opinion doesn't matter.

Yeah but can you really picture Flash roller skating? I'd personally vote for Sugarcoat.

5193515 I'd probably shift the order around so Flash could be on the bike.

Hey Banshee, maybe you should have one of the knights replace the Rainbooms just to make it more balanced. Just a suggestion.

5193517 No, I'm leaving the rainbooms as is. Things are already pretty balanced.

You're pitting six girls against five plus one guy? :applejackunsure: There are several sexist jokes somewhere in that set up, and none of them good.

5193519 One of those girls is Applejack. With her strength, I think it evens out.

I don't know, there are a few sexiest cracks that can hit close to home for a favor farmer... just saying

I recommend either Lemon Zest or Sugarcoat, looking over The Shadowbolts, I feel these are the only two character Flash can replace without messing with the story. And I admit I,ll go with Sugarcoat because I feel that character does not do much in the story.

5193649 True, though I was kinda hoping Flash could chew her out for what she says to Twilight.

Ok, even those I like the character, then I feel you should cut Lemon Zest.

Hey, calm down. His comments get more dislikes than comments from any of Banshee's other commenters regardless of whether they say anything positive or negative. Granted, he does leave more critical comments than most of Banshee's other readers, but I'd doubt he'd do something as inconsiderate as to downvote people's comments for agreeing with the direction Banshee is taking his version of Friendship Games.

EDIT: Also, judging by what the downvoted comments in question had in common, I'm guessing whoever downvoted them must be a fan of Sunny Flare and Indigo Zap, which honestly could be anyone on this site.

Either Sunny Flare or Indigo Zapp, since they only the least lines in the whole movie, and Zapp is literally just Lightning Dust's palette swap. Sugar Coast, Lemon Zest and Sour Sweet have the most personality, so keep them.

Time for you too choose Banshee...

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