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    Signal Boost: PonyFest Online!

    Hey everyone! Staying home I hope? Hopefully healthier than I, in any case! If you're looking for something to do that's pony related, social and with no chance of COVID sharing, look no further!

    PonyFest Online!: Coming to a Screen Near You March 28

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  • Tuesday
    So now that we're all finding ways to spend time while social distancing (more than usual)

    Above: a lot of hours of playing many characters.

    What's your usual social-media-based passtime? Do you RP? Do you just write, MMRPG, binge TV series/anime, build models? What's your pastime? Tell me a bit about what you do.

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    Get a copy of The Empty Room!

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    No Isekai Today

    Sorry guys, I've been having a hard time writing this week. I just got started on the new chapter and let's be honest, 30 mins is not going to be enough for a good one.

    So! Next week it is. In the meantime, I'm publishing a chapter of my Ranger Side story tonight. Not the same, but if you like adventure, that might be something worth checking!

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    The goal has been reached!

    As of this time, the payment for the "Shortage" has been sent, and I'm receiving several quotes for the roof in the next few days. On average, they hover around the expected prize of around 4k (give or take a hundred or two). So it is right on the mark.

    As soon as roof has been fixed I'll make sure to post pictures.

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Random Musical Blog · 3:09am January 27th

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Comments ( 3 )

Nice. :)

That was a Beautiful random music pick you choose. :twilightsmile:

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