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RB Made a Thing Again, and Other Progress Updates · 11:19pm January 26th

First post of the year. First activity in four months. Figures it'd be housekeeping.

On a whim born out of depression and a need to exhibit some of the more marketable skills on my resume, I've created a website where you can be angsty in public without anyone knowing it's you.

I still don't really know what this thing's supposed to be. Art piece? Social experiment? I feel like 'social experiment' is what people call interactive art when they're not sure if it's art or not.

Ah well. Maybe it'll be useful to somebody.

Writing progress:

Between frustrations continuing with Cosmos Eccentric and frustrations continuing with This Town, I've ended up slowly chipping away at the next Detective Rarity since around mid-December. This was after I realized I'd only published two of them last year, which is not good progress for a series that's meant to span eight installments. It's looking like it's going to be a good one, and also a long one; probably the longest yet. Currently I'm 12k into the first draft.


A few ideas for some, but none actively being worked on. The ITrospective got sidetracked; I'd like to get back to working on that once my plate is a little less full. The biggest issue is mainly re-reading IT, which is so much longer than I remember it being. Seriously, you could kill a man with this thing. A small man. With brittle bones. Probably.


Yes, Penclash is still a thing that I'm working on! Mostly in focused bursts. Though there's still a lot of nitty-gritty work left to do, I'm quite pleased at how it's coming along. Most of the basic day-to-day functions of the site are now in some state of done; my next big task is finishing the manual judging system, which will be fun.

You know, it's still a little hard to believe we're already almost a month into 2020. What with everything going on, it's kind of flown by, hasn't it? At least, it has for me.

So, a belated toast: here's to a new year that's every bit as interesting as the last few, but nowhere near as horrible.


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Where no one can hear me? But where will I get positive reinforcement for my anti-social tendencies?

I'm going to fill the Abyss with communist propaganda :3

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