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What Your Favorite My Little Pony Ship Says About You · 11:16am January 25th

It's four am so I made a list based on

these videos. It's just for laughs so don't take it too seriously and feel free to add your own.

PinkieXSpike: You don't know why people would bother with main characters when the goofy supporting cast is right there
TwilightXRainbow: You don't know why people would bother with a goofy supporting cast when the main characters are right there
TwilightXFluttershy: You love a cute quiet introvert so much one day you were like 'hey, you know what's better than one cute quiet introvert? Two cute quiet introverts."
RainbowXFluttershy: You are a firm believer of the inherent romanticizes of childhood best friends.
PinkieXApplejack: You have gotten into at least one argument about how they aren't actually related.
TwilightXApplejack: You are a firm believer of the inherent romanticizes of 'the mom friend'.
TwilightXSpike: You hated the episode Sparkle's Seven
ApplejackXSpike: You loved the episode Spike at Your Service
ApplejackXRainbow: You think 'opposites attract' is too over hyped. And, you've bragged at least once about how the last episode went down.
TwilightXPinkie: You think 'opposites attract' could never be hyped enough.
RainbowXSpike: You liked the dynamic of ApplejackXRainbow but you wanted to make Dash straight.
PinkieXRarity: You are a firm believer of the inherent romanticizes of social class drama.
ApplejackXFluttershy: You're really into the lesbian dream of living in a cottage and tending to a small garden.
RainbowXRarity: You are a firm believer of the inherent romanticizes of being better than everyone.
RarityXSpike: Your main concerns are keeping things canon and not watching the show past season four.
ApplejackXRarity: Your ideal relationship dynamic is a bickering married couple.
RarityXFluttershy: Your ideal relationship dynamic is just girls being friends. Gals being pals.
PinkieXRainbow: Your ideal relationship dynamic involves wacky highjinxs. After which, hilarity ensues.
FluttershyXSpike: You watched Fluttershy gush over Spike in episode one and then never changed your mind.
PinkieXFluttershy: Your always a sucker for two beautiful cinnamon rolls. Too good for this world. Too pure.
TwilightXRarity: You have read The Enchanted Library

TwilightXLuna: You just wanted good things for Luna. And really, who wouldn't?
SpikeXSweetie: You like the dynamic of RarityXSpike but you think all other Spike ships mentioned should have been the fbi meme.
RainbowXSoarin': You are heterosexual.

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Comments ( 13 )

That is some quality Eldena-posting. I did a similar one but it was just Mane Six ships, and this blows it out of the water... though we actually did the exact same thing for Flutterdash.

hahaha now I gotta go track yours down and see where we disagree

I never actually posted it. I need to rectify that...

Now up for comparison and contrasting here.

These are fun. As for posting my own, hmm, a few that come to mind.

SciTwixSunset: You like organic chemistry.
Celestia x Mirror Sombra: Your favorite romantic trope is the star crossed lovers.
Celestia x Discord: You read a lot of classical mythology.
Twilight x Discord: You are Loppodity or are a fan of her work.

XD Very fun. And it’s true, Enchanted Library is how you make Rarity/Twilight contagious.

Spike and Twilight is ANOTHER one where you’ve gotten into an argument about how they’re not actually related.

I think you want ‘romanticism’ not ‘romanticizes’

Spikeships: its not bum bum creepy


Spike X Applebloom. You hated the episode Spike at your service, but you can see the appeal of the farm girl. Or you read Twilight Get's a Puppy.

Discord X Pinkie. Madness? THIS! IS! SHIPPING!

Twilight x Celestia. Hot for teacher.

OC x Anyone. You write fanfics.

(Note: The following are all entirely jokes. They include examples of ships I dislike, ships I adore and pretty much everything in between. I hope they won't be taken seriously and apologize if they go too far.)

Okay, on a similar note, here are some of the more popular non-intra-mane-six ships:

TwilightxTrixie: You were desperate for a good antagonist ship when the fandom started and refused to change when others came along.
TwilightxFlash: Your ideal ship would be "YouxTwilight", but in the absence of that, you're fine with a blank slate to project yourself onto.
TwilightxCelestia: At school, you had an obsessive crush on at least one of your teachers. Probably more.
TwilightxBig Mac: You think that anyone who doesn't talk must be a secret genius.
TwilightxTimber: You always wanted a camp romance when you were younger, but never got one, so you'll take any one, creepiness be damned!
TwilightxDerpy: You think the main character is always the best, so the show's main character + the fandom's main character = Perfection
TwilightxChrysalis: You enjoy seeing Twilight confused and/or suffering. You hilarious monster!
RarityxFancy Pants: You see social climbing as the ultimate expression of romance.
RarityxBlueblood: You either love Rarity and want to see her dreams come true or you hate her.
RarityxCoco: You enjoy a little bit of dominance and submission in a relationship.
RainbowxSpitfire: You enjoy a lot of dominance and submission in a relationship
RainbowxSoarin: You hate stereotypes so much you shipped Rainbow with the first heterosexual option you saw.
RainbowxGilda: You are absolutely fine with stereotypes.
RainbowxQuibble: You looked at TwilightxRainbow and thought "Good, but not enough bickering."
RainbowxDaring Do: You're mad your favourite fictional character isn't real and available, so you're just happy for Dash that hers is.
RainbowxZephyr: "Restraining orders are just polite suggestions."
ApplejackxTrenderhoof: "Restraining orders are actually secret invitations."
ApplejackxSoarin: When you see a good relationship dynamic, the likelihood of two people meeting and getting to know each other becomes a mere triviality.
FluttershyxDiscord: You think "friendship redeems" is a wimp's way of saying "love (and only love) redeems".
(Alternative FluttershyxDiscord): You've watched Beauty and the Beast so many times it's burned into your retinas.
FluttershyxTree Hugger: "It's great because... hey, what were we talking about?"
FluttershyxBraeburn: You are convinced that, as the saying goes, it's always the quiet ones.
FluttershyxBig Mac: Part of your introduction to the fandom was Windfall and you think it's a far better finale than what we actually got.
PinkiexCheese Sandwich: You believe the best possible matchmaker for anyone is a cloning facility.
PinkiexSonata Dusk: A relationship being in any way attached to reality should be entirely optional.
LyraxBon Bon: You think the writers are secretly listening to your thoughts and desires to use in the show and are thoroughly okay with that.
OctaviaxVinyl Scratch: You read Questionable Content and thought "Eh, not enough music talk."
SunsetxFlash: You projected yourself onto Flash for Twilight, but realized the dimensional problems with that and settled for a Plan B.
SunsetxAdagio: You like Redheads. Like, a lot.
SunsetxSonata Dusk: "Stupid people can't be evil. Scientific fact!"
Sci-TwixSunset: You have eyes.
DerpyxDoctor Whooves: You got lost and wound up in the wrong fandom
SpikexApple Bloom: You thought that Spike crushing on Rarity was creepy, so decided he should go for someone his own age, but thought Sweetie Belle smacked of settling. Also, you think country accents are ridiculously cute.
SpikexEmber: You think people should stick to their own kind.
ScootalooxRumble: You really think people should stick to their own kind. Even if their kind is all you know about them.
SweetiexButton Mash: You stopped watching the show at some point, but kept closely following the fandom.
DinkyxPipsqueak: In the early days of the fandom, you thought of it once and were immediately so overwhelmed by cuteness that you were rendered blind, deaf and comatose, so have seen nothing else in the show or fandom since. Which means you aren't reading this and I can say anything I sniggly fish manacles!
CheerileexBig Mac: "Brainwashing ponies into love is so romantic!"
TrixiexStarlight: You wouldn't wish a relationship with a narcissist or a sociopath on anyone but each other.
TwilightxRarityxRainbowxApplejackxFluttershyxPinkie: You just want the mane six to be happy. And, really, who can blame you?

TomxBloomberg: Anything that can be shipped, will be shipped.

Applebloom x Tender Taps: You like the color aesthetics of Applebloom x Scootaloo, but want to keep Applebloom hetero

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