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A misfit muppet, a puppet of deceit and a speaker of truth. Also a punk / rock fan and aspiring punk musician.

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  • Tuesday
    Finally saw dad again - life and home move progress update

    I cherish every moment I have with my dad. I went around home for the first time in maybe a month to see him. A certain someone wasn't happy about me being home, but she can frankly shove it. So I saw my dad and was chatting to him while he was working on the decking. As he would say, he's ''up Crappy Creek'' because of no work thanks to the virus, and his work van literally broke down when he

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  • Tuesday
    Queen Elizabeth thinks she's a chess piece while in the Vatican - it's pretty funny

    Come on, Queen Liz, you've got this! For England! 🇬🇧 This is one intense chess game! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

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  • Sunday
    Mental breakdown and I miss my dad

    Not many things in general life do faze me, and if they can or if they do, it has to hit a nerve with me or have a significant relevance to me or somebody I know, i.e, family.

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  • Saturday
    My favourite Rarity line from the early seasons

    There's just something so satisfying about Rarity saying ''bum'', is there not? :rainbowlaugh::raritywink:

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  • 1 week
    One day, it's a dream (Update)

    Can't wait to leave where I am now and go back home. As much as I don't get along with a certain someone, it's still better than going insane and stressed here.

    I think I shall also make it better buy taking in another pet to make it more fluffy and homely. Life without a fuzzy companion is a life not worth thinking about. Should buy a degu or other rodent, maybe another guinea pig.

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Copyright claims against... Myself?! (Apparently) · 1:54am January 23rd

What the actual, literal hell is going on with YouTube?? I've had THREE notifications made against me today, claiming copyright against me. You know what's horseshit? 'A copyright owner claimed copyright infringement on your video', but the video is original to me!

I wrote the story and recorded it using royalty free music made specifically for use without copyright infringement. Tell me, glorious master of YouTube, how does one create copyright claims against themselves? Are you fucking stupid, mate???

What the hell is going on with the world and this shit-arse logic?! 🙄😒😑

Report FireRain · 57 views · #What the fuck?
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Comments ( 7 )

Holy Dino Ghost! That doesn't make any sense! Doggone it YouTube!

YouTube has gone bad.

I've always used it as a form of entertainment, or a way to pass the time. But you've noticed how many channels are now using ads to support themselves?
Many are leaving for other platforms.

And the recommendations are shit. It's all nonsense or Peppa Pig (brony vids = kids = endless Peppa Pig).

Sounds like someone is trying to cause trouble by stealing your content and uploading it as their own.

Put that SOB down!

Well, I've noticed people doing readings of my stories without asking me first and then not crediting me for my work or bothering to link back to me or my page. That's irritating because they are getting views and profiting from something I created without my consent, which is technically illegal. That, right there, is pirating.

I hope this gets resolved mate, I'm really sorry to hear about that.

Yeah, that's just rude.
Maybe it was a forgetful mistake?
But if that's the case then the issue should be fixed very quickly with a hefty amount of "I'm so sorry".

The sooner a coup happens in Youtube and those in charge are cyber strung up the better

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