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Huge fan of Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle. My OC: Inferno Blaze aka The Shadow Knight

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    Happy Holidays people!

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  • 21 weeks
    Vaccine taken.

    Also, some good news. Yesterday, I had my first vaccine shot taken. Now I have to wait for the second one. Although, the first one, made my arm hurt like hell. It feels like someone took a screwdriver and jabbed it into my bones.

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    News about the story.

    After a long wait and having clearly been annoyed about it for far too long, my partner Israel Yabuki and I have decided to remove and discontinue using Blazing Water's OC in the story. All due to his fact that his obsession of Rainbow Dash is something I keep hearing on Discord, and when Israel and I first included him in our project, he wanted to add changes to the story which did not fit the

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    Huge Announcement

    You all are probably wondering about the massive pause I've been on for a while. And to answer your questions; two days ago I have been tested positive for COVID, along with my brothers. It's nothing too severe, but I'm pretty much in no condition to write any updates until this illness pass.

    Wish me luck.

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  • 31 weeks
    June 11, 2021. Today is my graduation from High School

    Hey all my followers and friends, I’m pleased to inform you all that today is my graduation from high-school. After years of hard work and sweat, I pulled through and made it to the finish line.

    I will surely miss the journey and learning experience I had with my school district. But I am excited… and anxious… for what comes next for me.

    Wish me luck,

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Look who’s back! And also upcoming project on February 2020 · 12:59am Jan 20th, 2020

Title: Multiverse Reacts To Death Battle
4 Groups of Heroes from 4 different universes are brought together to watch a show where combatants fight to the death.
Death Battle - owned by Screwattack/Roosterteeth
RWBY & Red vs Blue - owned by Roosterteeth
TMNT 2012 - Owned by Nickelodeon
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Owned by Hasbro

Comments ( 6 )

Oooo. That sounds good. I like this idea.


Thank you all. :twilightsmile:

Also to include in between the chapters/episodes, I will include bonus chapters that has my personal fanmade Death Battles; and I will include some that are voted by the fans. So if any of you wish to see a death battle of your fantasy happen, send me a PM after 5 chapters of the story.

Ok. I'd like that.

I will enjoy this, although I do hope you keep up with some of you other stories as well. I am enjoying your Anon-A-Miss story

Sounds epic.

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