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3k! Rose Tint AMA · 9:02pm January 19th

It is what is says on the tin! I am collecting questions for an in character AMA special after the next chapter! Ask him whatever questions you like, about anything you like! If you have questions for any other characters, you can throw them in as well, maybe they will answer! Ask as many as you like, And I will pick as many as i can to give a reply! Comment your question down below if you've got one~!

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Comments ( 12 )


1. Do you wannt a filly or colt?
2. How many mares would you tolerate before you had to seriously start riding Rose Tint about giving it a rest?
3. Sid you well your familie the good news?
4. Since stallions are so hard to get by would you rent Rose Tint to fullfill a foal wish for a minor Monetary fee? and no inclusion to the herd of course.
5.what pony race would be your favorit as foal?
6. Would you share Rose Tint with Apple Bloom in more or less 5-15 years if she cant find a seed giving stallion? He has obvies superior genetic blood.
7. How many foals do you wanne have ? Is 1 enough or do you wannt 2? Since other mares will follow i guess 2 is the max per mare in the heard.
8. What do you think about your silly Foaldaddy to wannt do a seriouse job? Silly Stallions... There to breed and raise there foals not run into dangerouse situations! :facehoof: :ajsmug:
9. If you get a chance will you aim for a second herd stallion? You know... Double the fun :raritywink:
10. How do you keep braceburn from perverting your pure stud ? We cant having him wasting his breeding potencial ! :trixieshiftright::trixieshiftleft::eeyup:

1. How many foal do you wannt ? One or two?
2. Do you think your breeding stud could fill your classroom with a batch of his foals? :rainbowwild::rainbowkiss::trollestia:
3. Applejack clearly cheated to get the first foal... How do you get the headmare position? Your smarter than this applebucking, estrius cheating holled...
4. Do you think you could get 1 foal from Rose and the other from Big Red? I think that would strengthen the Applefamilie bonds even more than just with AJ.
5. Ones your pregnant who will take the schools teaching in the hooves? Your seem to be literally be the only resident teacher for foals at the moment!
6. How do we prevent Rose Tint to get tricked hooked in Canterlot? Applejack showed how deviouse rival mares can be! You need to secure your herd position!
7. How can you out snuggel AJ? I think you can win our herd position with snuggeling him. Maybe learn hoove massages to win your foal. Stallions love massages after a hard day rutting there entire herd.
8. What do you think about your studs pet?
9. Lets be honest. From 1- 10 bad to legendary how good is Rose Tint ? Is he better or worse than Big Mac?
10. Is Rose Tint ticklish? Is AJ ? Maybe you can tickel your position to headmare position? :derpytongue2:

Rose Tint:

1. AJ got you good... How about pranking her with non Apple fruitcake? I hear Pinkie Pie baker makes the best. Also she is pretty hot... And Pink :pinkiehappy::raritywink:
2. What would you say it your herd limit? You seem to have 2 and Eris will chose two as well... Equestria ratio is more or less 6 mares per herd. Maybe go for more exotic mares?
3. Did you know Ponys can crossbreed? Griffons give amazing backrubs... Also Diamond Dogs...
4. What your favorit color?
5. Might wannt read 'Moodwings' if you court any Pegasus or Griffins in the future. Or avoid getting them angry at you.
6. How good are your cooking skills? Applejack cooking is kinda applebased :fluttercry: Could grow old in a year or two.
7. You just read a Anatomy book. How to please ypur mares best? Happy mares dont chew off your ears with complaints ...
8. Celestia is your future employee. Do you think asking for seriouse work might get you promited in the future? I heard hard exerciseing Stallions get taken more seriouse. Might wannt to light up the gardens in the night to day level 'by accident' *wink-wink* :trollestia:
9. I hear Stallions with short tails are in fashion? Might wannt to ask Rarity about it before you go to Canterlot ? Might help with troop moral. Seriously bootcamp is harsh... Every favor counts...
10. What the book about Anatomy showed you about mating norms? 1-2 load per day cant be all...


1. Rose Tint seem to be pretty hot... How mutch chaos will it create if he starts flirting with other recruits or might i dare... Stallions :trollestia:
2. Can Changelings procreate with Ponys? If not... Dont you think it would be a nice surprise if he did put one in a Changeling mare anyway? The pranks you could pull with the nymph later on... :pinkiehappy:
3. Did you need your nose scratched ? Having a itch you cant scratch it torture :raritydespair:
4. Could you accidently make his sex apperance reach all races? Would make for some fun all out dominance fight breaking out all around him :coolphoto:
Maybe he would make a nice stud model for Photoshop?
5. Whats your favorit food? Bananas with melted mooncheese ?
6. Is Pinkie Pie by any change a chaos god from another Dimension making a vaccation in Equestria?
7. Will you start a prankwar on Celestia ones your free? She is always sooo order obsessed. Go for the cakes maybe? Maybe turn em into Moonpies?
8. Did you bring the Human to Equis or did you just take the opportunity to get this chaotic being in your plans to have some more fun?
9. Can you turn his bad breath into a hunger triggering one? Would be funny to see everyone running Ponyvilles sweet supplys into the ground.
10. If you turned out to be a DnD character...
What kind of Chaotic are you?

Well... ... ... ...
Can i have hug?

*For the citizens of Ponyville (One or many)

1. Excluding the party, have you actually met Rose Tint ?
If so, what was he like?

2. Has he done a good job as the town librarian so far?
If not, any suggestions for improvement?

3. Are you aware two mares have already started courting him?
Are going to try yourself?

I can't really think of more questions that someone might ask, but maybe this might serve as a template.

Kinda dissapointment that not more write something... Did i cover all good ones?
Any eta for the next chapter?

Rose Tint

1. What magic are you planing to learn?
No need to go for high end spells if you can be a jack of all trades! :twilightsmile:
Body Cleaning, mind focus restoring, utility, medical, sound dampening & one or two elemental spells should be enougth.
All of em are useful in civilian and military life! :ajsmug:

2. I guess recruits get a full body and magical exam? Any ideas as of yet if they give you a full run down?
Elemental affinity, overall ability, Manapool measures, Magical resistance etc. :rainbowdetermined2:

3. Did pony have a pocket dimension in there mane? Hopefull they dont actualy pulling there money out of there ass :rainbowlaugh: But seriously they seem to have there saddlepacks only with em for big/massiv transports :applejackunsure:

4. What race and gender would you preferred to have? And why? (Your foal)

5. What the lifespan of a pony? You just read a book about Anatomy.
100?200 years? What race lives longer?!

6. Did you swing both ways? Applejacks cousin seems interessted :raritywink:

7. What your daily/weekly plan to keep your cardio up? Rainbowdash kinda showed how lacking it seems at the moment :facehoof:

8. Did you learn yet how to use money? How do it works? Copper/silver/gold coins? Special paper based like humans use em? Probably something more sturdy.

9. Were will you live? I guess you need to buy your own house? Sweet Apple familie house probably cant handel the Applefamilie plus new growing herd?
Possibel additional house construction on thee land? They basicly own Ponyville. Village formed after Celestia give em the land for farmimg etc.

10. Any plans how to survive the first Estrius in Ponyville? ... .... Cant see it be pretty with so many Mares in need for sperm donor :pinkiegasp:


After the Q&A of today i guess this blog might be bussy in traffic by many of your readers.

How will Rose Tint survive the parent check?
He literally pomf into existance...

you should be more worried about the vibe check lol

Quite the selection to chose from for another Q&A! :pinkiehappy:
Im surprised other dont flood you with questions :rainbowderp:

Have a good day :twilightsmile:

Story update... Hope we get one that weekend :pinkiesad2:

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