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    Either stay or leave. Don't play me about.

    If you're staying, stay.

    If you're playing around with me, kindly fuck off. I'm not in the mood.

    Either follow or don't follow. It really is that simple. Make up your mind already.

    Thank you. :ajsleepy:


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An odd thing happened to me last night · 2:02pm Jan 18th, 2020

An odd thing happened last night that I can't really explain or find reason for.

I was waiting for the chips in the chip pan to cook for part of my grandfather's tea, so while I waited, I was trying the brakes on my bike. They are new and were put on sometime in November / December last year and were making a few odd noises. Considering my bike is 30-years-old, I wanted to see if it was anything to do with just the bike's age or only the new brake pads. I was gently pushing myself back and forth and pulling the brakes both on the front and back tires when this happened,

''Don't hurt yourself.''

Why is that odd? Because this was a woman's voice and my grandmother is the only woman in the house, and it wasn't her's. There's no way she could have known I was on my bike because she was sat in the living room watching TV, and the kitchen door was shut. I stopped testing my brakes because I figured one of my family came around, but when I asked my gran if anybody had been here a minute ago, she said they hadn't.

I find this genuinely odd considering that it obviously wasn't my grandmother, and her confused reaction when I told her about it was legit. When I heard it, it sounded like it was spoken within the kitchen or from beside me and spoken directly into my ear. It didn't scare me, but it did confuse me a lot, especially when it wasn't my grandmother who said it and because no other family members had come into the house.

What do you make of this?

Comments ( 3 )

Well, did it sound familiar at all?

Uh, no, actually. Didn't scare me, it just confused me. I don't know: subconsciously, it felt like it had some familiarity with me. I have this odd theory that it may be my great grandmother, grandma's mum. I never met her, but always wanted to.

That would certainly be an amazing thing if it was. So many generations apart

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