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does anyone else get there ideas for there story's from there dreams? · 3:24pm Jan 15th, 2020

it's a strange thing our dreams. a lot of it doesn't make sense but we still can get many ideas from it. though i tend to forget what has happen in my dreams til i start to write it down. i have many ideas from my dreams and with much of it written down, i can remember to a T. how about you guys, how do you all get your ideas?

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dreams are a interesting thing for me. it can be so random at times yet some have a story to them. like am not a part of it but am watching what happens, when am a part of it i hardly remember it, but if am watching it i can remember enough to write it down. dreams are a weird thing.

Because of a dream, I´ll write Dragon of Swords in real life, for money.

sounds interesting, maybe i'll read it someday.

I am just speechless

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