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I HAVE FOUND A PLOT HOLE IN COLD.... AND IT BUGS ME!!!!! · 6:04am January 15th

So, I'm doing an MLPFiM marathon, and I watched the season 4 premiere. Now, for some odd reason, My brain didn't realize that the Everfree would invade once Queen Chrysalis took the elements from the tree. I mean, we don't see it happen again until the tree is destroyed. THIS NOW BOTHERS ME. We don't really have a solid time period for how long the tree was gone without the elements, and I don't really have a solid time period of when Cold takes place, so therefore; I can't tell how much magic would have been stored in the tree. I planned to write a prequel explaining Chrysalis in Cold. Should I just ignore this plot hole, or did it in "Chrysalis' Return?" I will of course also run this by Griphongirl_Ellie, since she is my editor but I want input.

EDIT: I've decided to just make it my own universe, and just let it go. Kinda hard for my ODD to accept this, but hey, I'm not the only one who wrote a story with continuity errors. :twilightsmile:

Report Script Singer · 76 views · Story: Cold · #Plot holes
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Comments ( 10 )

This is your universe. Not all the rules in the show have to comply with the rules in your book. It would be better off to move on.

I feel inclined to agree with Brady

Not much to say that Brady hasn't. Maybe there's a guard or something keeping the forest from expanding?

Perhaps, but keep in mind it was the pillars who kept it under control before. If there was a guard, wouldn't they need strong magic?

I personally agree with Brady, this is your alternate universe, the show rules don't and shouldn't apply to your own creative freedom.

I guess I kinda forgot that for a sec... :twilightsheepish: thanks Ellie


I.. guess...

Well, maybe the Pillars are doing it?

Also, as the previous writer said, its your in-story universe. You can do this however you want, focus on the Everfree or don't as you would like.

yes, but the pillars would have been still trapped in Limbo. I could spiral myself into an endless argument with myself trying to prove a point, but would only cause more confusion to my poor brain and I'm already stuck in another brick room trying to sharpen my pickax. (I picture writers block like that) So for simplicity, I'm just going to accept this as an alternate universe. Besides, I was mostly focusing on the elements before anyway


Well, okay. I guess I'm beat then.

It's your story/series. There are all sorts of things you can come up with, if you put the heart in it.

I find going for a walk helps me come up with ideas, though now that its winter that might not be practical.

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