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Hello, I'm cccvvvttt. Why? Because... It's just what it's meant to be.... (Taking an extended break from Fimfiction, will most likely not be back for a long time)

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Why I might not write MLP stories for a while · 2:48pm Jan 13th, 2020

First things first I'm going to say all the words inside my head.

I'm suffering from a massive burnout in writing things that are My Little Pony related. I still like the show, but recently I feel like my stories aren't getting views like they used to. I feel like not a lot of people are reading them, which caused a massive drop in motivation to write them. I do plan to make an attempt at writing for this site again once the burnout subsides.

Second thing second off

I began work on another project, this time with other people instead of just myself. Here is a teaser for it, which is kinda low budget but I plan to release another trailer and make it... you know.... better. Here it is though for those who are interested.

The only thing I want to change about it is the horrendous thumbnail. I really need photoshop. Anyway's, thanks for all the support. I'll try to come back to a few projects in the future, I assure you, but until then, this is the project I'm going to work on.

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