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  • Tuesday
    new phone who dis

    Hey everyone! This blog doesn’t really relate to anything beyond me talking about, well, my new phone.

    My phone broke right when I was about to call to get tech assistance for my computer, because both decided that this week (and last week in the case of the computer) were the opportune times to go to minimal functionality.

    Fuck ‘em.

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  • Sunday
    700+ Followers AMA Thing

    We're all stuck inside and it can be boring as shit. Also, I have enough of y'all following me to make a cult or something. Ask me stuff.

    Or tell me why I should blog more and what those would even be about. I heard all the cool kids did those.

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  • 1 week
    Apologies & Edits

    I went over the two published chapters for my 100th story. Unfortunately, I found one of the published chapters (the second) was left unedited. I'm not sure why this was, or at least why it was unedited but published, something I really only have when a chapter is ready to be submitted on an unpublished story. That was incredibly embarrassing, but I've fixed everything now. :facehoof:

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  • 1 week
    a bit late but

    100th story is here!

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  • 1 week
    100th Story Drops Tomorrow!

    What it says on the tin, folks. The first chapter of my 100th(!) story will be dropping at 7 pm EST tomorrow. It's the start of my adventure anthology for all the lore and parts of the mythos that never quite got their own solo tales. There will be lots about the Alicorns, other divine, and the origin of many species. For the three people and their alts that follow Missing Pages & Scrawled

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Now Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Horse! Starting at 7:00 pm, every Sunday from now until April! · 12:29pm January 12th

All the updates for the next few months are listed below! Check out when the next updates are going to be released! Thanks to an automated chapter release thingy, all updates unless noted (*) will be posted regularly at 7 pm EST!

1/19/20: Chapter 2 of Distance Beyond Any Measure
1/26/20: Chapter 3 of Distance Beyond Any Measure
2/2/20: Chapter 4 of Distance Beyond Any Measure
2/9/20: Chapter 11 of Enemy of Mine! :heart:
2/16/20: Deleted Enemy of Mine Scene in Missing Pages anthology (Blueblood and Celestia)
2/23/20: Interlude 5 of Enemy of Mine
3/1/20: Omake related to Enemy of Mine in Missing Pages anthology (Sombra and Celestia)
3/8/20: Short drabble in Missing Pages Anthology (Shining Armor and Sombra friendshipping)
3/15/20: New poem in Atychiphobia
3/22/20: New poem in Atychiphobia
*3/29/20: Crptic Coda & Obscure Odysseys (NEW STORY! Adventure anthology!)

Also coming:

  • February is going to see an attempt at entering Jake the Army Guy's World-building contest! The deadline is the 29th and I hope to have something done by then. For anyone who doesn't remember, I actually got a very nice honorable mention with one of my favorite stories in (All That Lingers) that contest.
  • Stay Golden (accompanied by its SFW version) is the murder thriller story that will be February's story. There's 14 ready to publish for the main version and around 7k for the SFW version. In the poll I made, it tied with an incomplete collab story I have been playing around with. Because even collabs with just one other person can take time to organize, the story with the most content ready to go will be published first. Which means y'all are getting a murder story.
  • Any other new stories are going to be impulsive little one shots and the like, and unplanned, thus unmentioned on this current schedule. Any delays or changes will be blogged about with the story tagged, but considering these are already pre-written and edited, that's unlikely. Just keep in mind other one shots and new stories are possible!

Enjoy a minimum of one update a week from now on!

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Now I have something to expect on Sundays besides comedies

Gotta have some sad horses too 👉👉

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