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Bruh · 4:40am January 10th


This is like, the highlight of my year so far not going to lie.

Let's get the funny haha out of the way. Yes, my story saw exponential growth immediately after I posted the pp going into the vagina haha.

But seriously, I am blown right the fuck away by the reception my story is getting. I started this story to restore my honor after starting and abandoning the travesty that was Paladin Of Equestria. It is safe to say my honor has been restored.

Rest assured this does not mean I will be slowing down production. Quite the opposite! I will be doing my best to continue to maintain my every other day posting schedule, obligations permitting You can look forward to plenty more of this shit. I'm only getting warmed up!

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Comments ( 14 )

Lay it on me, sonny!

Also, have an apple.

Your Arrival is a welcome surprise as always, Eris.

Oh, you flatter me... do continue!

Well if i am being asked to, b all means,

I am actually considering having one of my...in universe modifications be pertinent to your moniker, if you understand my drift lol.

Oh me, oh my! I catch your drift, and I can't wait to see it!

... poop. Friendship laser to the face, I presume?

Who knooows, its over a year away story wise.

at least if i stick close to canon. From the way things are going he might be making a trip to canterlot soon, who knows whats going to happen : 3. I'd personally like to think our hero is a little less...prejudiced against the harmony challenged.

and i mean, our crimson king is going to need to get his Mordred from somewhere right : 3

Oh, thank the stars! A pony that doesn't want to use my face for target practice... not sure how I feel about that. Hmmmm... "You're not a mare?" And "You're a strange pony... I like that." Seems to sum it up. So, given those things, I can wait a year.

Speaking of Mordred, have you heard her lullaby?

Wait... who are you calling "Harmony challenged"? I prefer the the term "Harmony disassociative".

being a total slut for the Dark Tower novels i have yes

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ny7NZPfl0l4 : 3

Well, what other music do you like?
... eat any good books lately?

I adore all sorts of music. My faves are Rush, Queen, Primus, Marty Robins, Johnny Cash, And Oingo Boingo.

And yes, i devour new worlds constantly. Soem of my faves are Pendragon, Redwall, Xanth, Incarnations of Immortailty, and the Legends of Drizzt

Ah, I've heard all of which they sang, have visited every realm of which you've seen and so many more. Some I wish to see again and some not to be heard even once more.

The wonders of being old.

Ahh, im sure other things also saw exponential growth immediately after you posted the pp going into the vagina

(I am sorry for this)

I mean, that is what i was expecting to happen. Tfw you write a very sweet vanilla sex scene as a means to further the plot and its meat beater fuel but hey at least i hit 1k lol

Always look on the bright side of life, even if the bright sides some tenderized meat

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