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    tUrN tHaT fRoWn UpSiDe DoWn!

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    Somebody give this kid an Oscar.

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    Nose Bleed 2 (Anthro)

    *Umbra, upon seeing the bloody streak under Bezier’s nostril, bursts out laughing*

    “...What? Why’s it funny?”

    “Ahahaha! Oh man, Bez, what have you seen?”

    “What have I seen? What’s that supposed to—?” *Her eyes went wide.* “Oh...”

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    Remember my very first “skit”?

    Ya know, this one:

    “What does Pharynx have that I don’t?”

    “A body, for starters.”

    Cringe I tell ya. The CRINGE is real.

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    About that one rant...

    The one about “Toxic fans”?

    Well... I got rid of it.

    Why? Well, I got a few comments saying that it was a very common thing with fandoms and that all fandoms had toxicity, and how they weren’t surprised when I talked about it. I figured that... well, maybe it didn’t need to be brought up and explained because too many people know about it.

    So I thought “eh, screw it” and took it down...

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So why do I only use the term “brony” and not “pegasister?” · 12:15am January 8th

Simple. I just see the term “brony” as gender-neutral, applying to all genders.

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Comments ( 9 )

Hmm... Feel good to have that off your chest?

I've always thought that too! I just don't want to use it cause people get weird about it when I do. 😑

One of my friends asked why I was using the term "brony" if I was female. It was......awkward to say the least.

You don’t have to listen to those types of people if you don’t wanna. Just say whatever makes you happy.

According to the game, Bro Force,

The Term BRO is a universal concept that transcends race, gander, Creed and species

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