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Welcome! I enjoy writing fictions based upon the the human side of MLP, that both contain normal and erotic content. I hope you enjoy!

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    It's September, can this year just end already?

    Wow, it's September already. I honestly cannot believe how quick this year has flown in.

    This year has truly been a complete shit-show, I will not sugarcoat it. Sugarcoat, get it? SNORT. :rainbowlaugh:

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  • 6 weeks
    Well a howdy-do-do-to-you!

    Hey everyone!

    I hope everyone has been well during this last month and abit. I've been surviving as per usual, I know the usual as far as things go. I just hope you guys are all good too!

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    I can't believe it's summer...

    Hello folks!

    Hey, it's been sometime since I last wrote here. Wow.

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  • 19 weeks
    Greetings, traveler...

    Well met!

    Hey guys, what's been going on? I hope you've all been good and staying safe in these strange and messed up times.

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  • 24 weeks
    Early April Update!

    Greetings everyone!

    Wow, it's been a really shit year so far, hasn't it? I mean, excuse my language - but holy heckin's... it's been a real doozy to the start of 2020! I know we're now four months in, but geez!

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Happy New Year! Welcome to the Thunderdome 2020! · 8:06pm January 7th

Happy new year, everyone!

Welcome to the new year, 2020 is upon us and thus is the Thunderdome!

Honestly, I'm just being a goof. Thunderdome is another way of me saying, life, if you haven't already guessed lol.

I didn't want to bore you guys with my usual ramblings, so instead I'm gonna give you guys lots of love and wish you all a fantastic new year and I hope you guys have a good one, and that everything works out for you all. Make it as best as you can!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! :heart: :twilightsmile:

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Happy New Year! :heart:

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