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Fanfics per Episode · 2:27am January 7th

Is there some way to figure out how many stories exist per episode? It's probably not something for the faint of heart, though...

Report Wiimeiser · 33 views · #episode
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Comments ( 6 )

Here, let me try:

Judging by the site's Story ID numbers, the current total number of stories created on FimFiction is roughly 458100. Divide that by the number of FiM episodes (222), and you get 2063.51.

For every episode of Friendship is Magic, there are roughly 2064 fanfics.

Granted, this isn't a perfect method (the number of fanfics is an educated guess and many of the created fics were never actually published), but it still serves its purpose.

Let's assume half of these have been published, that's 1031.755. Now let's say half of these are actually based directly on an episode, that's 516 when rounded. However, this gets us 2.324 stories per episode, which seems unusually low. Now this assumes one of the following is being based on an episode:
-Directly follows its storyline
-Is a fix fic or alternate version of that episode (like Breaking Babs)
-Is tagged with a character who features exclusively in that episode ("Features" means being plot relevant)
Based on this criteria, Growing Up is Hard to Do has the lowest number of stories based on it on the site, with just two (I Understand and My Sister, Cozy Glow) though as this is close to the average given by just halving repeatedly and there are hundreds of just fix fics based on the finale, the numbers must be wrong...

You could check the season bookshelves I have and count in there. I have a bookshelf each for Season 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9, as well as the Movie. And one each for "Best Gift Ever" and "Rainbow Roadtrip", though, these two haven't gotten many fics.

I actually counted your entire S9 bookshelf, and here's the statistics:

Of the 348:
The Beginning of the End- 48
Uprooted- 4
Sparkle's Seven- 8
The Point of No Return- 1
Common Ground- 8
She's All Yak- 8
Frenemies- 11
Sweet and Smoky- 6
Going to Seed- 2
Student Counsel- 4
The Last Crusade- 5
Between Dark and Dawn- 7
The Last Laugh- 4
2, 4, 6, Greaaat- 1
A Trivial Pursuit- 0
The Summer Sun Setback- 2
She Talks to Angel- 1
Dragon Dropped- 7
A Horse Shoe-In- 9
Daring Doubt- 5
Growing Up is Hard to Do- 2
The Big Mac Question- 1
Finale Trio- 180
Unknown placement- 18
AU- 1
Note that there is a lot of ambiguity there.
Note that while My Sister, Cozy Glow features Spur, but I put it under "Finale Trio" as it explicitly takes place after the finale.

If by some coincidence that's actually representative of the actual site distribution it's actually quite depressing that most of the side episodes get no love... And only two stories I'm aware of even mention Spur, most of the GUIHTD fics are CMC only.


It's actually not representative by coincidence, it is representative because I, indeed, checked all the stories every day and, of those, catalogued all the episode fics, since Season 5. Unless an author deleted a story (which, thankfully, is a rare occurrence to happen on FIMFiction.net), these bookshelves contain all the episode fics that have ever been written since the start of Season 5.

I see... That explains why both GUIHTD fics are there. Strange how A Trivial Pursuit never got anything, at least going by my unwritten rules...

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