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If they give you ruled paper, write the other way.

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    “We spent nearly the whole night dancing,” Luna continued, as she hugged herself and swayed slightly. “He was so light on his hooves, so sure in his steps. He was a stallion who could be strong when he needed to be but as soft as a rose petal any other time. I’ll never forget the way he caressed my cheek, the way he nipped at my ears. He was the perfect picture of romance, and it really didn’t

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More Harem fanart! · 10:31pm January 6th

So, it seems that the anonymous commissioner who generously provided the cover art for The Harem Noses managed to get something like a two-for-one deal, and just now surprised me with another hilarious and amazing fanart!

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Comments ( 9 )

The Princesses: “Oh, maître Bean~” :trollestia:

Damnit cadance, no teasing the bean, its bad enough when the ones he has a CHANCE with do it, so unless your fixing to try and convince shining armor to have a 3 way, cut it out!

Bean you are a very lucky Stallion. :twilightsheepish:

Even if this was just teasing that seems awfully harsh on Shiny. He has to endure a lot already and now Cadance also doing this? That feels cruel.

yet more reason why she shouldnt be doing it!
how in the bloody blazes did tia and lulu convince her to get in on this prank i wonder, and thats my cannon for this bean did something silly and the 3 of them decided to mess with him in return....well maybe luna just wanted to seduce him, but tia defnatly was just out to troll him.

Um....who is holding the duster.... Theres no magic on it and noone is useing magic...

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