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Short-Fic Commission Slots Now Closed · 10:31pm Jan 6th, 2020

Hi everypony!

I've decided the best way to get back into writing regularly is to do some smaller pieces, and as a result, I am opening up commission slots publicly for the first time. Let's get into specifics.

Commission slots are for 2-4k word pieces!
Price: £16 per 1k
Slots remaining: 3 0

How this works:
1) PM me with potential commission ideas. These can be romantic, sexual, just friends, vanilla, BDSM... etc, etc. As the piece will be short, working with small numbers of ponies (two or three) is more likely to work.
2) If I am interested in the concept you're pitching, we can get to talking about details! I'll share my Discord at this point, if you use it, to make the back and forth easier.
3) If we can agree on the details, I'll formally accept your commission and block out a slot for it.
4) When your slot comes up, I'll share updates via google docs. This gives you a chance to comment on the piece and suggest changes.
5) When everyone's happy with the piece, I'll accept payment via the Paypal donate link on my user profile.
6) I will then post the story up on fimfiction.

Extra rules!
* If I run over the 4k limit, I'll ask permission to keep going, and if so, the remaining words will be at a discounted price.
* All commissions will be posted publicly on my account, but commissioner details can be kept anonymous.
* I reserve the right to later on add prequels/sequels/sidequels to the work.

Slot list:
1) Equimorto, NMM/Chrysalis non-con mind control.
-An Insect, Crushed
2) Dbzordie, Luna/Cheerilee BDSM
-Private Lessons
3) Ariamaki, Starlight/Trixie consensual hypnosis cuteness
4) Qiscord, Rarity/Rainbow OR Applejack/Maud non-con hypnosis
5) Garfan, Twilight/Celestia/Rarity non-con hypnosis (set after Twisting Twilight)

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Comments ( 8 )

Glad to hear it!

A tad too rich for my blood and I've no grand ideas to share, but I'll be keen to see who bites and what you'll end up producing.

I'll hit you up momentarily!

Quick question about the pricing:
Is it possible to set a preferred word limit in advance?

I only ask because I'm simultaneously interested in commissioning you, but I don't feel comfortable dropping $30+ on a single fic just yet... unless I can split the payment up into installments, but I'm not sure if you'd go for that.

5181357 Yep, setting word limits upfront is an available option.

Alright good.

I take it paying in installments isn't, though?

5181382 It's not ideal, but I won't totally rule it out. Let me PM you.

Well, those sure went quick! I have a couple more potential commissions, for which I'm holding open 'ghost' slots if they pan out as they were inquired for while commissions were still open. Looking forward to writing these stories!

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