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  • Today
    Short Hand: The Pound

    Shepherd is taking in the sights of Manehattan, looking around the park. He buys a hotdogs, tries it... And then begins choking as his face turns red..

    Shepherd: "HRUKK! HACK! HARGLE!"

    He bursts out of the bushes in front of some well to do mares, trying to ask for help.

    Shepherd: "HRRRAAAGGHKKK!!!"

    Mares: "EEEEEK!"

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  • Wednesday
    Short Hand: Metal Elephants

    Twilight and Shepherd descended into a little explored part of the archives, below the main vaults.

    Twilight: "This is essentially a large warehouse where the Princess and other mages cast stasis spells on whatever we found. Honestly, there's so much junk from your world here!"

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  • Tuesday
    Doohickey and Music Box

    Shepherd helps Doohickey out with an upgrade for Music Box.

    Shepherd: "And I do it like this?"

    Doohickey: "Carefully! Just tuck it in... You all right, sweetie?"

    Music Box: "I'm okay Grandpa!"

    Shepherd: "Annnd... How is that?"

    Doohickey: "Hm... Not bad."

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  • Tuesday
    Human Style Diplomacy

    Starlight Glimmer and Shepherd go to try and make peace with the Changelings...

    Shepherd: "Hello Queen Bug-Pony! I am here with Starlight Glimmer to try and make peace."

    Chrysalis: "Oh, are you? I find that interesting-"

    Shepherd opens his coat, revealing a strange device strapped to his chest.

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  • Monday
    I'm Not A Goddamned High School Harem Protagonist! 1

    So our hero eventually goes to visit the Equestria Girls universe-So called because the world is Equestria but with humans. Alas, it is not his Earth, which sucks. And to make matters worse...


    Twilight: "What? What's wrong with being a teenager again?"

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Plot Bunny Theater: The Grogarites Part 2 · 3:32am Jan 6th, 2020

I decided to write up the full legend:

Grogar had three sons, whom he named Takam, Heidrun, and Yang (each after a goat deity). He gifted them each a bit of his power and gave them responsibility over each tribe of Ponies. But eventually, each fell in love with a mare of each tribe, married her, and had children.

Grogar frankly was outraged. And further, he feared his sons working with the ponies to depose him. So he took their magic away and banished them and their families. This in turn left him isolated and vulnerable, hence allowing Gusty the Great and her allies to steal his magic bell and then defeat him.

Alas, when the sons of Grogar and their families attempted to rejoin the Ponies, they were driven away out of fear and hatred. And so they scattered across the world into isolated and secluded places, enduring for the most part quietly.

However, Grogari have several powers over ordinary ponies that makes it inevitable some will turn evil and towards conquest. A few of these rose in the time of Tirek and Discord, and were defeated by the Three Tribes and later the Princesses and the Pillars. Today, they are all thought extinct...

But at least one endures.

- - -

Given the influence from ancient mythology MLP Gen 4 has, there are plenty of ways to add to the myths and legends of the world and expand the lore. This is mine, and it's something for you to use...

Or merely inspire you to create your own.

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Return of the Grogari
Dark forces are gathering, and Equestria lies threatened once again. This time, however, nothing short of war will stop the fall.

In desperation, Princess Twilight Sparkle and her friends must chase down a myth: long lost pony descendanta of Grogar's Sons, the Grogari. But who, or what will they find? Friends? Enemies? Or something else entirely?

The Ponyborean Age begins. Or something. I dunno.

Oh, this definitely has potential. Given his usual aides, I can't help but wonder if Iron Will ultimately works for the Grogari.

It seems unlikely given that Iron Will is the one giving them orders. Unless that's just in public and they boss him around when no one is watching.

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