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Brony since 2011. More of an artist, but slowly making my way into becoming a better author too! Known for Age of the Alicorns and Flurry Heart's Story.

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    Voices for Flurry Heart's Story characters

    Those of you who follow me on Deviant Art might have already seen this, but a while ago I released some images of the characters from FHS who are either entirely new and don't have a voice decided on officially or they grew up and would need a different one (Flurry, Pound and Pumpkin for example). It is a chart that shows who would voice them and which character that person has voiced they

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  • 27 weeks
    Quick update for Villains Anonymous Ch 5

    Just a quick little update: I added 2 new pictures to the final chapter of Villains Anonymous. I was taking too long to get some illustrations ready for it and wanted to have the chapter finished and the story complete so I did it without any pictures, but I have them ready now.

    Also, the first chapter of Apple Family Memories is in progress. Might be a bit short, but it will be a good start.

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    Concerning the art in my fanfics...

    Hey guys. The final chapter of Villains Anonymous is ready to be uploaded and it's going to be a really good one! I will be posting it tomorrow afternoon since I have been told that around 3 pm is the best time to upload since my American watchers will be getting home from work and some of the European ones may still be awake to see it in time.

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    Question about the Flurry Heart's Story fanfics

    I got to thinking earlier that it might be difficult for some readers to keep up with the episodes for Flurry Heart's Story by just looking at the titles. I just learned that you can type in quite a lot of characters for a title on this site so I thought it might be a good idea to put "Flurry Heart's Story: ______" or "______ (Flurry Heart's Story episode X)" with the title being where the blank

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    "Cheesy as Pie" finished! "Calming of the Storm" next!

    Well I have another episode of the Flurry Heart's Story complete! It took a little longer than I was expecting due to several things delaying me throughout the summer combined with just being lazy about working on it at times. It's finally done though and I am glad to see how bittersweet the ending was! We sadly never got to see any romantic interactions between Cheese and Pinkie in the show

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Journals, Flurry Heart, and Age of the Alicorns · 8:59pm Jan 5th, 2020

You guys may have already noticed but I have started a little something called the "Journals of the Council of Friendship". After the finale, I decided that I can still continue with a planned fanfic called "Flurry Heart's Story", but I figured to get things set up, I would make some little journal entries by the Mane Six and Spike talking about all the events in their lives that happen between "Ending of the End Part 2" and the time that FHS starts (which is about 8 years after Twilight's coronation). Twilight's entry was first and then Spike's and after that it will just be the rest of the Mane Six in whatever order I feel like doing them.

As for Flurry Heart's Story, if (major IF) I do go through with actually making it an all-out fanfiction, I'm warning you, it's going to be a MASSIVE project, like not just one story, but many stories. They'd basically be episodic stories that have around 10ish chapters each, and some would be epic 2-parter styled stories similar to the premiers and finales in the actual show. I have a lot of really good ideas of what to do with Flurry Heart and the villains from the finale, as well as a lot of villains I've made myself or some from the comics that I have had the idea of bringing in. Well that's all in progress, but I am pleased to report that I already have a summary completed of the first part of FHS that tells about that mysterious red beast we saw in "The Last Problem" on that stained glass window with the Student Six defeating it. That will be what this first story focuses on, but there's a little more to it than that. All will be revealed shortly. Again, major IF, but if I am able to go through with all this, it's going to be good. :)

Now I also wanted to make a quick note about Age of the Alicorns. Back in 2017 I had to give the unfortunate news that it was now rendered "Alt Universe" because they established that Starswirl and the Pillars created the Elements. This ruined a major plot point for AotA but I am still going through with the story. I have actually kind of found a way to tiptoe around that, though it might be a bit confusing. Well either way, some references to AotA will be made in Flurry Heart's Story, and Spike actually made a few having to do with the griffons in the JotCoF. Before I get started with FHS, I do want to see if I can finish AotA: Chaos Rising. I'm about halfway done with it, but the rest of the story will be a lot more exciting. We'll be reaching the climax pretty soon. Discord is coming...

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If you go ahead with writing your stories for Flurry Heart then I am sure they will be fun. I like how we got a glimpse of her from Spike’s journal chapter, with him saying she is getting bored being a princess and wants to go on adventures like Twilight and her friends. I can easily see Flurry wanting to be like her aunt.

Initially, I wanted for Flurry to be a reclusive bookworm like Twilight and be reluctant about being sent to learn about friendship, but it was too similar to how Twilight's story started off. Since Twilight started off as a regular unicorn and then became a princess, I figured it would be interesting if the opposite happened with Flurry where she already IS royalty but she's tired of it and she wants to follow in the same footsteps of her aunt.

It would kinda be interesting to see if Shining Armor and Cadance are struggling to understand and bond with Flurry at her current age over this, like she seems to be closer with her aunt then she is with them. Or do you not plan to go in that direction?

Her relationship with her parents isn't that antagonistic, but she's kind of at odds with them in the beginning until they realize she's right and she needs a chance at doing something outside of being a princess.

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