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Hearth's Warming 2: Warm Harder · 7:23am January 5th

Speaking of holiday presents!

The big Bronycon panel where the show VAs read my script? They told me it couldn't be recorded for legal reasons. That doesn't mean there weren't cameras rolling, though! And technically, we can't write fanfiction of the show for legal reasons, either…

What I'm saying is that if you want to watch the show VAs read out the non-canon ending that EQG never got, you're in luck! :D Some enterprising young fan managed to save a copy of the livestream which was broadcast around the convention center to attendees unable to fit into the main stage. It's super high quality — just like being at Bronycon, except for missing the visual gag where the room lights came up as Principal Celestia moved the sun.


Now to save a copy of the video before the takedown request rolls in…

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Comments ( 19 )

Oh wow that's wonderful! Downloading the heck out of this.

Yay, downloaded!

(I may have sorta extensively looked at/listened to leaked material, too...)

--Sweetie Belle

More data for the Vault Gods!

Great script.

I'm hoping someone managed to somehow take a video of the scriptreading from Everfree Northwest 2019, and someday we'll also see that one up online.

Or, ummm, I mean, I would be hoping, except no, that should totally not be done because of legal reasons. As EFNW staff I think I'm obligated to say that people who make unsanctioned recordings of our events and upload them for the entire world to enjoy are being very naughty and I do not condone such naughtiness.

...Buuuuuuut if someone does just so happen to choose to be naughty like that, oh well, I'm not the boss of you so what am I gonna do, right? :raritywink:

Oh, that was wonderful. :)
Particularly as someone who missed it at the con (...I forget why, but there was so much going on), that you so much for finding and linking it, and to the one who posted it.
(I mean, I've barely seen any Equestria Girls, and that was still great. :)
And a good end to close on.)

(I don't seem to have the equipment currently to download and save a copy, but it looks like there are a good number of others with that under control. :))

:raritystarry: Oh my goodness. Someone alert the animators. Given the narration, I can't help but imagine an Epithet Erased-style semi-animated sequence.

Ah, such wonderful memories.
This was fun to watch again. Thank you for sharing! :twilightsmile:

Author Interviewer

oh shit :D Lucky!

I'm surprised this didn't happen with Aqua's script from EFNW...

Oh my. As 5180412 quite rightly says, this cannot possibly be condoned. It is an absolutely disgraceful breach of the rules, and as such I am thoroughly disgusted with everybody. I have found myself very reluctantly forced to download it and watch it right through, simply so that I can understand just how bad this is. It's been a dreadful experience, especially as I may have to do it again to check a few things.

And also, this is a type of panel I honestly thought I would never get to see. I was grateful enough when the script turned up recently, but this? My goodness.

Can't stop the signal. :twilightsmile:

A most welcome, and unexpected, holiday present, indeed!

Thank you for overcoming the moral quandary and boosting this amazing moment in time. And thanks for writing such a delightful script! We await the episode with eager anticipation!

That last blog tag, though...

Well, for another example, there are a number of classic games which would basically no longer exist in playable form if it weren't for the efforts of the emulation community, and any number of excellent works skirting the lines of copyright which have been C&D'ed out of existence. While creators absolutely deserve to control their work and make a living out of it, we all lose when works vanish down the memory hole, which is far easier than it should be in the digital age.

Like I said, complicated.

I don't disagree!

How do you download a YouTube video? I've got a whole bunch of plug-ins to download youtube videos, and none of them can download YouTube videos.

I use youtube-dl, which in addition to downloading YouTube videos can also grab video (and metadata!) from just about every popular video sharing site. Best used from a command line IMO, but I believe there are GUI frontends if that's what you prefer.

5183403 Command line is best!

Given the recording and the written script, I have done a card blog for this.

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