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    Been sick with the flu and other things for the past week. And I got obsessed with Naruto again. So writing will be slowed for a bit. Sorry.

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    Short Hand: Aftermath of Science

    Shepherd: "Twiliiiiight! What the hell-Where did all these bits come from?!"

    He gestures to the pile of gold bits on the kitchen table.

    Twilight: "Ummmm..." taps her hooves together "I asked for donations from all the research participants... I set fifty bits as the minimum donation and well..."

    Shepherd: "... If I didn't know any better, I would swear you were pimping me out."

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    Sunny Starscout: "YES! IT WORKED! THE MAGIC WORKS!"

    Shepherd: "I... Who are you?"

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Plot Bunny Theater: Monster Hunters · 6:08pm Jan 3rd, 2020

The Royal Guard cannot be everywhere. Therefore, keeping Equestria safe involves private contractors. So there are three orders of ponies that most ponies do not interact with on a day to day basis: The Monster Hunter Orders of Equestria.

In recent years, with Luna's return, they have become more visible and more active as Equestria begins expanding into new frontiers again. Keeping the routes to the returned Crystal Empire safe is big business. And in this time there are three main orders, one for each tribe.

The Jaegers are the Earth Pony Monster Hunter Order. They employ a large number of hunters, trappers, and trackers who brave the wilderness to bring in monsters that are not sapient or simply refuse to not eat other sapients. They tend to attract brawlers, ponies with a strong association with canines and felines, and diamond dogs. They claim descent from the Rangers, an order of Earth pony warriors and scouts who were the eyes, ears and hooves of Gusty the Great's rebellion.

The Withers are the biggest Unicorn Order. They are a distinctly working class majority order, who use both magic and weapons to do their trade. They also deal with undead of all types. They have few friends among the Canterlot elite for their lower class ways and for their authentic descent from Gusty the Great's Unicorn Mage Warriors, but are employed by them for many tasks.

The Hipporeans are the biggest Pegasus Monster Hunter Order, and are easily the most distinctive with their almost uniform armor and warrior's code. They claim descent from Hipporean The First, a legendary Pegasus warrior king who United the Pegasi to join Gusty the Great's rebellion. They keep the practices of the ancient orders of Pegasus warriors alive, and are still highly respected among the Griffins. A number of prominent pony bounty hunters are members of this order and work outside Equestrian borders.

- - -

Naturally, inspiration for each order, in order:

-The Rangers from Lord of the Rings and Babylon 5.
-The Witchers from The Witcher
-The Mandolorians from Star Wars.

Comments ( 7 )

You could have the Threstrals be a major part of or be their own order of monster hunters both business wise and culturally. Having members of that tribe growing up seeing monster hunting as a position of honor and respect while the majority of the other tribes see it either as a job that needs to be done or don't think of at all. it would be an interesting look into cultural evolution.

They tend to attract brawlers, ponies with a strong association with canines and felines, and diamond dogs.

Also ponies fixated on quality hats.

Have you read Larry Correia's Monster Hunter: International? Because that was the first thing I thought of when you suggested that there was a lucrative market in taking down the monsters that the government was too busy to handle.

With calling the Earth Pony hunters Jaegers I can't help but think they take the sensible route of building hundred foot tall mechs to smash the monsters with al la Pacific Rim.

And the leader wears the nizest hat of dem all.

Actually, I'm fairly sure that was a Girl Genius reference :rainbowlaugh:

To be fair, that still means ending in giant robots.

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