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A Day Of Devious. #1. ~ Life Blog Name Still In Development, lol. · 11:08pm January 2nd

Hello again!

Devious here, been having a nice calm day so far.

I've decided to try out these Life Blogs, for about a week.

To be honest it's a tad relaxing to just open up and talk, now my blogs hopefully won't just seem as if I'm posting something, for the main sake of not having an empty wall.

Well what have I been up to?

To start off the new year, I decided to go look around a few Thrift Stores!

Yeah, I'm not like the type able to just go to the bigger clothing stores.

I have to hit the tiny little stores, sometimes I'm able to find cute stuff…

Like I did today!

Don't mind the socks, my feet are freezing! 😆

Anyway, I thought this was absolutely adorable!!

It really fits me I think, I'm the more conservative type if I'm honest. Usually I'm a bit more frumpy, I kind of tend to dress more like what Wallflower Blush would wear. I'm like totally always feeling down, so most of the time my hair is like a mess.

Or my makeup is just horrendous! 😒

But today I've felt more comfortable in my own skin, I bought this outfit as a promise to myself, to enjoy this upcoming year! I want to go out and meet new people, create new friendships. And honestly I just want to feel better about myself, who doesn't want to dress up and feel cute?

Well, I've been just walking around my home in my new outfit and socks. 😜

I dug up my mom's old recipe book too. Well it's more of a Beat up old notebook. After my mom passed away, I had put it inside my Hope Chest. I really haven't looked through my mom's old stuff in forever, I can still feel her presence around these items.

She was my anchor in life, always smiling and laughing. She constantly begged me to get out more and enjoy some in the moment stuff. I of course backed out everytime, the way I saw it, I wasn't missing anything!

I was perfectly happy to be alone…

Now here I am, making tiny leaps in trying to be more social. Because once I was alone, I really just felt scared and so lonely. The quiet I found comfort in just an empty noise that caused my heart to ache. Silly isn't it?

Things we want change with time, people we love fading away into memories in a fleeting dream. I'm sorry, I just really miss my mother sometimes. But I find joy, in the thought she's somewhere bright and full of love.

Anyway, I actually looked through her writings.

I decided on something small, and whipped up some Butternut Squash Soup! 💞

I think it came out pretty darn good!

Not as great as my mom's. But I mean, I'm a girl who can sometimes burn cereal!!

So in my book, this is totally a win situation.

It's fun to push yourself into something new, to see what you're capable of when , you desire to just create something from nothing!

I think that's why I do enjoy writing, the feeling of crafting something special that people will enjoy. To share a tiny piece of yourself, it's a warm feeling that is amazing.

Um, what else?


I did chat with my neighbor again, he said I was really overly excited at the party on NYE. I was just so embarrassed 😣

But he was actually really cool about it,  he said it was better to have fun, than just sit in a corner all night.

And I can wholeheartedly agree!

I just hope I didn't look like this in front of everyone…

Well, I won't talk your ear off any longer.

That's about everything interesting today.

Oi, I renamed my new kitty Dahlia!

Her old owners called her Ms. Rosie? 😐

I tried calling her by that, and well no response.

She does seem to like Dahlia though!

Anyways, hope I didn't bore anyone too bad.

Till my next blog.

Stay safe and sweet!

Devious, 💝

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Comments ( 31 )

I may try this idea as well

That outfit is super cute! :duck: it’s Making me kinda want to go out and look for some stuff.

Soup looks wonderful. Sound like you had a pretty good day. :pinkiesmile::heart:

I think this is the first time we have seen your face fully, Dee ^^

(And what I mean by that: The cat was blocking most of it in the one you submitted yesterday ^^)

Lol, I know... I was kinda shy so I looked away with Dahlia. :twilightblush:

But I figured I need to try and break that.

So um surprise!? :twilightsheepish:

I still instinctively tried to cover my face up with my phone. :rainbowlaugh:

You totally should River!!

I always have tons of fun, just going to the Thrift Store and seeing what you can find! I mean I was absolutely shocked to find this outfit!

But if you do, hope you find something that helps you feel super cute too!

Ty, it tasted really good!

I did my best to make it look pretty, nobody likes ugly food. :rainbowlaugh:

You totally should Blue!

I keep picturing you living a Calm, quaint and collected life. :rainbowkiss:

I'd be interested to read it.

I will admit I was shy to show my face online as well, but by September of last year..... I did just that: I showed my face via my I-Pad X3

Aww, good for you Jimmy!

I was really scared too, but I really trust the community.

So that helped me feel more calm.

OK then. No face reveals from me though.

Heh =3 And gotta admit, y'all were impress that I did the match the detail that I always give for my TG TF's aka.... before the change ;3


I wonder what Interesting days await us, from the Blue side of things.

Also I say, do what makes you feel comfortable!

Be it cats, soup or anything else.

Or anything, in that regard.

Lol, I actually never seen it.

I have a image in my mind though.

Parlais Francais, madamoiselle Dazzle?

Seulement quand je suis heureux, monsieur bleu :twilightsmile:

Ah, oui, bien.

(I have no idea what that means.)

Indeed good.

I just said, only when I'm happy. Mr blue.

Mm-hmm, today I was all smiles.

That's a relief. I'm off to London today.

Hope it's a safe trip.

Ot was great. Went to Mount Pleasent.

Heehee, sounds pleasant.

I like your outfit. It suits you.

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