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Happy New Year to you all · 12:24am January 2nd

Welcome to 2020.

Last year has been one of ups and downs. I moved, had to find a new job, helped my wife start her own career, did a lot of writing (though probably not as much as I would have liked), rented a cat... Next year is going to be pretty busy as well, since I'll be taking some classes in preparation for getting my Master's degree in the future. I'll keep writing, as always, and hopefully I'll get a little bit closer to finishing something again.

Thank you all once more for your continued support in this last year. Here's looking forward to another.

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Comments ( 3 )

Cheers, mate! :ajsmug:

There’s already been a lot said about ponies and our fandom as the decade that gave us them comes to a close. What are you hopes for Warhammer? Both the official product, and the fandom?

This year I hope for GW to give the Orks or Tau (or KROOT!) something to actually DO, with new or updated models. For fanworks, I hope for Text to Speech Device to keep going at it, and that some of my favorite non-MLP crossover fics are able to be completed: The Mission Stays the Same, For Those We Cherish, Death Korps of Justice, A Nation Reborn, and on the Fantasy side of things, Gatehammer Fantasy Battles.

Of course, my true initial link to Warhammer, both 40K and Fantasy, was videogames. I'm still awaiting news of Total War: Warhammer 3, and one day a remake of the first Dawn of War.

Have a happy M2.02!

5178897 Plastic Noise Marines would be nice.

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