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    Signal Boost

    With only a few days left for it, it has been brought to my attention that EponaFest, an upcoming Italian MLP convention, is currently running a crowdfunding to support the event. It would be great if you could spread the news around and/or donate money to the cause, provided you have it available. They're even giving out gadgets if you donate.

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    "And believe me, I am"

    Still Alive

    Guess who's coming out with a new story and a new chapter in a few hours?

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    "that sounds like a lot of work"

    Because I'm bored, I'll be keeping a list of the fics DLS has reviewed for his contest. If you want to see just a table of scores rather than links to the stories where you can scroll down and look at the reviews themselves, Gara is compiling a list here. Otherwise:

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    The Pool for DLS's DLC is up

    You can find the voting pool for Dirty Little Secret's Dirty Little Contest here. This only affects a couple of the prizes, but it's a nice way to let people know you appreciated their stories. Or you didn't. A lot of writers took part in the contest (I was one of

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    So about my next fic pt. II

    I have a version of the cover that's okay with the mods. I'm not posting it today though, Buster has decided to dump his old shit on the site again today and fuck no, I would like at least a shot at getting some views on this after all the shit I had to go through, so I ain't posting it while everyone's busy jerking off to that.

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About Third Wheel · 8:26pm Dec 31st, 2019

Head at the bottom for commission details.

Hello there. Since you're here, you either clicked on the link in my bio or opened my user page, so I assume you want to know more about me. First off, let's put the proper soundtrack on:

Greetings. I'm Third Wheel, and I write clop. Almost all kinds of clop. Dark anthro maledom? Lesbian mind control? Consensual gay BDSM? Foalcon? Borderline hyper proportions? Loving interspecies with a side of voyeurism? Heavy malesub and humiliation? I've written it, and almost anything else you might come up with wasn't mentioned simply because I haven't had the time to write it yet. Here are some examples of my most popular stories, so you can judge for yourself what my work is like:

[Adult story embed hidden]

[Adult story embed hidden]

[Adult story embed hidden]

This is a small portion of what you can expect to find here on my account. While my personal tastes lean towards maledom (not necessarily of only the straight variety), anthro, rather generous body proportions, and non-con, that isn't all that I write. I enjoy exploring different sets of fetishes, and just writing smut about horses as a whole.

If you're interested in supporting my work here on the site, and getting some benefits alongside it as well, I have a Patreon account from which you can do so. While the full list of available perks is listed there, some of them include:

  • Knowing in advance what stories I'm working on
  • Helping me decide what to focus on first
  • Previews of scenes from upcoming stories
  • A chance to get your suggestion made into a story for free

And other stuff. Again, the link is, if you want to support me you are very welcome to do so.

And now, for the thing y'all clicked this for:


That's right, I do take commissions. Like I said, there's almost nothing I won't write if paid, so if you've got something on your mind hit me up in my pms. We can discuss length, fetishes, payment and all that stuff. To know whether or not commissions are open, check the status box on my Fimfiction page, top right, just below the about/library/message links and above the list of my popular fics. Please, don't message me about commissions if the status reads closed unless we already had a conversation about it going.

Obligatory Wintermist shoutout (seriously, go follow her, she's amazing and a way better writer than me) and that's all. I think. Tell me in the comments what else I should add. Or ask questions, I might add a little FAQ section if needed. For now, that's it, have a good day y'all.

Fimfiction's bio system is a bit of a broken mess, and if I want to be able to link this I have to make it a blog. Apologies for this popping out in your feed.

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