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Disney's Star Wars Episode 9: The Rise Of Skywalker is a confirmed box office flop with no action figure line · 7:58pm Dec 30th, 2019

Disney's Star Wars Episode 9: The Rise Of Skywalker is a confirmed box office flop. It has the lowest opening weekend for any Star Wars movie and it made alot less money in the second weekend. Also it is very curious that there are no action figures being made for this movie.

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I liked the movie but I do see why it's not as good as most. The movie was good in some points some other points no. I didn't go see it for most people do. To push in the face of what these people call man babies when half of the people that hate these movies are women.

Disney is using the misogyny card to cover up the fact that they made terrible movies that both men and women hate. Alot of these so called "man babies" are fans of movies like Alita: Battle Angel.

I have know idea we’re your getting your news from, but It’s by far from a flop

It made 32 million over the Christmas holiday, making it the 2nd Highest grossing movie on a Christmas holiday, and has made 725 million globally in 12 days
In fact it’s predicted it will make a billion by next week, about the same time as last jedi did
Edit:Also every movie makes less money it’s 2nd weekend. And 72% drop is common for movies that make over 100 million it’s first weekend

I certainly don't get my news from pro Disney fake news. And yes it is a flop by Star Wars standards every time Disney makes a new Star Wars movie, it makes less money than the previous one. In other words, there are less people that are interested in going to see Star Wars in the movie theaters. It's Batman & Robin all over again.

The lack of merchandising makes me wonder if Disney is perfectly content to let the franchise die.
Merchandise for an IP is very often more profitable than the presentation of the IP itself. In fact: a strong lineup of toys and such can keep something going long after the film or show ran it's course; sometimes to the effect that a sequel is an almost guaranteed profit.

It's like Disney and Hasbro knows that the Star Wars franchise is dying and making more merchandise of it is simply a waste of money. Not a good sign for the future of the franchise.

That's the strange part.
Merchandising is virtually guarenteed money even if the IP flops. A strong or appealing toy line can (and has) saved dying franchises (or at least gave them good life support).
This is gonna sound 'conspiracy-like', but the fact that the film flopped and the lack of support leading up to it kinda resembles a murder.

Well the thing is that the merchandise from the previous movies did not sell well. The Star Wars toys were literally the last things on the shelves in Toys R Us when it was going out of business.

Retail overstock doesn't harm owners of an IP though. Quite the opposite, in fact.
Toys R Us bought those units from Disney, so Disney got their money even though Toys R Us went under. Toys R Us having lots of leftover product was their own fault for incorrectly guessing the demand and an impressive mark for Disney for succeeding in meeting those orders.

Maybe the real reason we are not seeing merchandise for The Rise Of Skywalker on the shelves is because nobody is ordering them.

That's certainly possible

Just look at the video about the toys. The new toys are mostly toys based on the Original and Prequels Trilogies and the toys from the previous Disney movies have been sitting in the shelves for years.

This film is going to underperform. Good.
I was at Walmart a little while ago. Not much in terms of Star Wars. Saw a bunch of lightsabers and some retro vintage toys like the ROTJ ones. Nothing like it was just a few years ago.

Yeah I too noticed that in the stores in my home city. Hell there were more merchandise of Batman Forever and Batman & Robin on the shelves when they were still in the theaters back in the mid 1990s than with Star Wars right now.

I think one of the reasons that Toys R Us got into bankruptcy in the States, is because of the deals they did with Disney. I remember going into there and seeing whole isles covered with Star Wars junk. It was that way when it was going out of business too.

I do know one place that Star Wars merch is stacked. It's at Ollies. A discount, discount chain. LoL

Overlook the source here for a minute, John Nolte is one of my favorite opinion piece writer, thought provoking, and a huge Star Wars fan. I agree with almost everything he wrote here.

I guess that's why most stores are not ordering Rise Of Skywalker toys. They don't want to end up like Toys R Us.

I too agree with most of what that article said. However he forgot about the scene with Luke and the sea cow from The Last Jedi being an insinuated hand job scene.

:eeyup: I have literally seen videos on Pornhub that are more family friendly than that scene with the sea cow. I heard that people were actually puking in the movie theaters wen that scene came up :pinkiesick: What was Disney thinking?:facehoof:

No idea. I don't think they were thinking during this entire new trilogy:facehoof:

It seems that they only cared about ruining George Lucas's legacy and shoving SJW propaganda as much as they can and without any care about having the movies make any sense.

This proves that SJW politics are lethal to even the most robust film franchises. None are safe.

:eeyup: Everything SJW propaganda touches dies and begins rapid putrification immediately after death.

Kind of reminds me of how Emperor Palpatine dies in The Extinction Of Skywalker.

And having him dying like that at the end of the movie is the perfect to end the Disney's Sequel Trilogy. It not just Emperor Palpatine melting and blown up, the whole Star Wars franchise melting and blown up too.

They kill everything they touch :facehoof:

:eeyup: And The Mandalorian tv show wll die next because I heard that Disney is planning on bringing that clown Brie Larson in the show as Asoka :facehoof:

Wow, two birds with one stone.

They're smart. Hasbro has acknowledged the failings of Star Wars and the underperformance of the brand. And that's why they've pulled back production and retailers have done the same with inventory.

When the SJWs wailed because they weren't enough Rey merch a few years ago, what they didn't realize is that Rey didn't sell well. If a line doesn't do well, retailers won't order much of it or at all. And the toy company will listen to the retailer. But the SJWs don't understand market performance.

They made more Rey merch, and it still didn't sell and ended up collecting dust like the other Star Wars shit, like Jyn Erso, Holdo, Rose Tico and the rest. No one wanted them.

:eeyup: Who wants to see Captain Marvel in Star Wars anyways.

Yeah Hasbro should focus on MLP toys and ditch the Mouse. SJWs don't understand market performances because they are the same people who think that Communism works.

Hasbro has Transformers too. Which is a better line of stuff than Star Wars.
You're right SJWs don't buy shit. They're cheap. They don't support anything other than virtue signaling they do, which equates to nothing in the real world.

Good article.
Here's something that you all need to see that echoes that article.

More of Bill on this, but longer.

Here he talks about how Disney destroyed the brand.


Yeah SJWs only bitch about merchandise but they never buy them. SJWs don't make reliable fans. The SJWs who run Disney are the living definition of insanity because because they they keep putting in Cultural Marxist nonsense in their movies expect different results every time.

Yeah, they have nothing invested in franchises or the like, except for contempt. They'll only have some attachment to something if they can use them for political agendas.
And that defines them. They want to lecture us and try to tell us why we're wrong and need to be like them for them to feel better about themselves. They know that what they're doing is wrong, but they'll openly admit that.

Yeah they are one dimensional puritans who want to make everybody as miserable as they are by bombarding everybody with their ideological propaganda..

Yep, that's 100% true.

SJWs and the Westboro Baptist Church are the two sides of the same Democrat coin.

Puritans. The bad kind. Authoritarian.

What other kind of Puritan is there? Keep in mind that the Puritan Regime of Oliver Cromwell that ruled Britain in the 1650s inspired other genocidal dictatorships like Robespierre's Jacobin France, Lenin's Soviet Russia, and Khomeini's Islamic Republican Iran.

Those Puritan colonies here and there. Those Quakers. They're considered Puritans, but they keep their beliefs to themselves. They're conservative, unlike the left wing Puritans, who just use their beliefs as a method of control on others.

Yeah the Cromwell Puritans are the ones who love to shove down their ideology on people's throats. And Cromwell did try to exterminate the Irish population.

And he kept Englishmen as second class citizens in their own country sent some of them to slave camps in the Caribbean. Never trust anyone who looks upon Cromwell as a hero, whether the person is a open Communist or a so called "conservative."

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