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Holiday Update · 11:04pm Dec 25th, 2019

Happy Hearth's Warming to all, and to all a good night, day, morning, evening, brunch, mid-afternoon, tea time, lunch break--whatever time zone it is you happen to be reading this in! :pinkiehappy:

Looking back, it hasn't been too bad a year. Earlier in the month I posted a new fic, "Pouncing," which was high on the feature box for a good number of days afterwards and seems to have been well recieved overall, so thanks to all you readers who enjoyed it so much. :twilightsmile:

Looking ahead, I have a few upcoming projects to look forward to still. That "final edit" of "Grief is the Price We Pay" that I keep talking about is making progress still and is getting into the latter portions of the story now. I had hoped to get it finished and the edits posted before the end of the year, but it doesn't look like I'm going to make it. Oh well. Early next year, then.

In the meantime, I expect to have three other fics posted and live by the end of February, the details for which will become clearer by that time. All three are expected to be one-shots, but in typical Scyphi fashion, it's not looking like they'll be all that light in terms of word count, at least not for one-shots (one might still get broken up into chapters anyway), so should still be some good reading to be had.

After that, that really just leaves the ever mentioned but never elaborated "swansong fic," of which I still haven't revealed a proper title to, and for which work still progresses at odd intervals, but sporadically. But I've been working on the fic for a number of years now, long enough that I have reached the point that, if it actually happens, great, if not, oh well. So we'll see.

That's really the full extent I have planned for future fics at the moment, though. If I'm perfectly honest, I don't have the time to justify towards writing fanfiction like I once did, and with the show having formally ended now, it does seem like as good a time as any to start turning my attention more towards other projects. So I expect that, other than the "swansong fic," I probably won't be writing anymore long-form fics for the foreseeable future. Can't rule out one-shots though, as most of those are usually "spur of the moment" for me anyway.

Point is, I don't expect to be as active in the coming year in terms of producing new content, but nevertheless, I expect I will probably still be hanging around the site as an user anyway, so it's not like I'm going anywhere just yet. :raritywink:

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