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  • 179 weeks
    A scheme for monetizing fanfiction website

    You want to read stories and you want to read good stories right?

    Look at patreon. They harvest lots of small amounts of money and gives it to creators. It makes money by taking a percentage.

    Fanfic is slightly different because it has a glut of creators. You cannot support all of them. In fact don't want to support most of them.

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  • 305 weeks
    New Story (The Rise of Demon King Spike)

    So... You see like three years ago I had this idea for a story. I thought this idea was really obvious and I wasn't really feeling it so I decided to just sit back and let someone else write it.

    Then about a week ago I browsed around looking for this story.

    Oddly I couldn't find it.

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  • 321 weeks

    I'll be going to Bronycan on Saturday and Sunday. I seem to have committed an error in attending without ensuring I had people to meet there.

    Cons are a bit more like bars then I had expected.

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  • 341 weeks
    The Campsite

    It was a road like any other. It stretched between two settlements in the periphery of Equestria. Specifically it connected a minor hamlet that capitalized on an exotic fishery and the village where the nearest market was. Here it was the middle of such a road. Roughly equal distance between the two locations were few ponies traveled and fewer still met.

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  • 362 weeks
    The perfect honeymoon

    At last Shining Armor was alone with his beloved bride. He ran his eyes along her luxurious pink coat, her perfect figure, the bold wings that marked her Princesshood and at last lingered on her soft and kind eyes.

    Her lying eyes.

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Project: The Cold Awaits · 9:25am Nov 16th, 2012

Suppose for a moment that far in Equestria's past that the sun and moon drifted uncontrolled, slowly burning and freezing the world about the equator. And that the only place with a stable temperature was the poles where both sun and moon shone. And that kingdoms sprouted there, being the only secure ground to build upon.

But that those kingdoms fell into civil war and dispute fueling Windigoes to freeze those kingdoms. The inhabitants frozen in hatred eternal and unending the polar caps turn into impenetrable fortresses of ancient cold and hatred. Waiting to be prodded at.

Pre-pony civilization, held intact and luring the curious forward into it terrible grasp. What would Twilight say about this mysterious realm and it's tightly guarded secrets? Pinkie for that matter, can she stand the thought of whole kingdoms locked in endless misery? Imagine Fluttershy kept awake at night thinking about those poor things trapped in a cage of their own creation.

Imagine the exploration, Love becoming the flickering torch light that illuminates the shadows and holds back the terrible cold. The inhabitants strange and alien, their curious buildings and bizarre technology.

The challenges and hazards. Falling debris and ancient traps. Monsters and people rudely awakened from their slumber, all too ready to carry on with their grudges. And the ever patient cold waiting for a single moments weakness to close in.

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