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Merry Christmas! · 6:32am Dec 25th, 2019


yeah, it has been a while. To think my last blog was from Easter, how disgraceful. Still, I suppose it is better late than never to grant everybody some good news.

So, let us begin with the most important – I would like to wish everybody all that is best in life – crushing your enemies, seeing them driven before you... no, wait, that's rather crude.

I would like to wish you all kindness and grace in this blessed time and for the upcoming New Year. May life treat you with tenderness and may your endeavors be fruitful. May God's blessing be with all of you and lead you down the right, calm and fulfilling path. There are always challenges ahead, but may you brave them with determination, grace and poise.

The second set of, hopefully, good news now. This, slowly ending year has been difficult for many people. And even yours truly found himself in a hurricane of family matters, professional duties and personal issues. But it looks like the worst has come to pass (unless it's just the calm in the eye of the storm, but I have higher hopes than that). Finally finding a breather I hope to fill my lungs with some new inspiration to create. I'm sure that I am not done with writing, not by a long shot and I hope what I will grant you next will be worth the wait and your attention.

As always, stay tuned and all the best to all of you,


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Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

And a Very Merry Christmas to you too Gulheru! May your life be brighter and may your inspiration never end! HA!!

Thanks for the good wishes and happy Deus Sol Invictus...I mean Merry Christmas to you.
I'll calmly wait for the contination of "Journey with a Batpony"!

Well, it's a touch belated, but happy solstice.

Hope things turn around for you. Seems every year just gets worse for everyone.

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