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Reviews of the nonsensical mess of a movie that is Disney's Star Wars Episode 9: The Rise Of Skywalker · 7:21am Dec 24th, 2019

I just recently watched Disney's Star Wars Episode 9: The Rise Of Skywalker and it is a cringey, frustrating, poorly written, and nonsensical mess of a movie that is plagued with Death Star sized plotholes throughout the movie:facehoof: Here is some reviews from people who feel the same way about the movie that I do.

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True. And good picks for examples.

That guy in the first video. He likes Krull. Cool movie. Have you seen it?
He had the VHS release of Star Wars that came out in the 90's. It was a big thing back then. I got it when it came out. They had these interviews with Lucas on them. This was not too long before Phantom Menace came out.
The time after Return of the Jedi and Phantom Menace was a lull for Star Wars.

Back to the reviews or ROS. I agree with them. They're not happy with what they did. There's no argument that can defend what they did, but the shills and weirdos, aka Disney drones, like it. I don't get it.

Jody isn't pleased.

The Disneynites are a combination of people who are getting paid to praise Modern Disney and those who are under mind control from watching the movies in the theaters and those with politically ideological reasons. I saw Krull a long time ago and it is a good movie. I remember the hype around The Phantom Menace and people were genuinely excited for it.

I think you're right about that.

I saw Krull when it came out in '83. Loved it. A little bit of Star Wars, mixed in with some Lord of the Rings. It worked. I wish they would do a sequel or a tv show based on that today.

I loved the Phantom Menace. Saw it twice in the theater. Got the technical books for it. Got one of them right behind me.
Back then there would tons of merch at the stores. Now it's poot. You have to actively search for it now.

And I do remember people were buying the merchandise for The Phantom Menace. By the time Attack Of The Clones came out, it was rare to still see something from The Phantom Menace on the shelves. I would not be comfortable with with a Krull remake though.

I bought a lot of Phantom Menace merch. I wish I bought more. Felt like a kid again when all that came out. I bought a bunch of Attack of the Clones merch after the film was out of theaters. They were doing a clearance at WalMart and I got a lot. A Jango Fett talking figure, Slave 1, Clone Troopers. Miss that stuff.

I think I'm with you there on a reboot of Krull. A remake would lack the charm and romanticism of the original. That's one of the things I like about the film. It has a swashbuckling, adventure feel to it, like Star Wars had. Like one of those old time Hollywood adventure films.

In today's political climate, all that would get swept aside for Identity politics, social justice BS and the like. And you know a whamen would take the main lead. If she wasn't, then she would be a 'girl power' type. Princess Lysa in the film was kidnapped by the Beast and his Slayers. Which was a common theme for a hero's journey type of film. The Beast dude tried to romance Lyssa, but Colwyn did his best to save her. Can't have that nowadays. Too chivalrous for today.

Oh I remember playing the arcade game back in the day. Used to go to the mall and play that game along with other classics like Return of the Jedi, Dragon's Lair. Good times.

I was 13 1/2 when The Phantom Menace came to the theaters. it was the movie was most excited for back in the late 1990s. In the remake of Krull, they'll switch Colwyn and Lyssa's genders and they don't get together because Prince Lyssa is a asshole like a any male character from Ghostbusters 2016 and the female Colwyn is a perpetually angry Mary Sue who calls all men "toxic."

I was excited too for Phantom Menace. I really liked it. It's been bashed since, but I had no problem with it. It felt like a Star Wars film.

100% TRUE on the way you described on a Krull remake. That's exactly how they would make it today.

And don't forget about shaky cams and lens flares in the Krull remake. Yeah all the Prequels felt like real Star Wars movies while the Sequels felt more like Doctor Who tv episodes with lightsabers.

I still don't know why that Jar Jar has such a thing for lens flares. I mean damn. That boy was overdoing it so much. Now everyone is doing it. I'm still waiting for a Prilosec commercial with lens flares. Everything in films nowadays is flash. Too much like Michael Bay and Jar Jar Abrams. They've become commercials and music videos.

Disney Star Wars is fan fiction BS. David Stewart describes it as 'fan fantasy'.

Jar Jar Abrams is to lens flares what Christopher Nolan is to shaky cams and too many people emulate them. Disney's Sequel Trilogy is the worst kind of fanfiction: a self insert. Seriously self insert stories are the most hated kids of stories in the fanfic community.

Cheap and gimmicky way of making films. All style, not like the old days of film making.

Agreed. If they stuck to canon and how it was supposed to be and not that fanfic BS, we wouldn't be hating the crap they've put out. And they would have superior films to show off for generations to come, instead of this weird, feminist, emo shit.

Disney has only itself to blame for making Star Wars unprofitable. They shot themselves in the foot for their ideology and hatred.

Yep. They had their last chance to "fix things" for ROS, the George Lucas cut, but they decided against that and went with some lame ass crap. And they gave everything to a Mary Sue Palpatine.

Yep. Disney made it's bed, not it is going to sleep in it. Disney killed the goose that laid the golden eggs because they wanted eat roast goose for one night, but they will no longer receive golden eggs from the goose.

Yep. Failure is their earnings. They got that much.
Here's David Stewart with another interesting video on Disney's Star Wars.

Well having Jar Jar Abrams and Ruin Johnson being allowed to recon each others work just shows how much Bob Iger, Kathleen Kennedy, and Pablo Hidalgo really "care" about Star Wars :facehoof:

They're hacks. If they had guts, they'd admit the truth about everything. All the shit we already know enough of and have them admit to it all. How things were and how they turned to shit. But they won't.

Doomcock does another good rundown on this travesty.


I am still a bit surpsied that Ruin Johnson came out and admitted that it is was Kathleen Kennedy's fault that Leia was flying around like Superman in The Last Jedi. I already saw that video from Doomcock. Did you see my comment in there because it got 420 thumbs up?

I didn't see it. I'll relook again.
420 upvotes, that's pretty good.

Yes it is nice to get positive feedback.

Yep, I left a comment there.

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