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  • Sunday
    My comfort characters

    Klonoa (2004-2005)
    Bambi (2006-2009)
    Cosmo The Seedrian (2010)
    NiGHTS (2010-2014)
    Blaziken (2014-2018)
    Nephrite/Centipeetle (2016-2017)
    Princess Luna/Nightmare Moon (2019-2021)
    Queen Chrysalis (2019-2021)
    Sisu (2021)
    Balan (2021-present)

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  • Sunday
    Reasons why I'm less active in Fimfiction

    1. I moved to Tumblr where I post blogs about Balan, my comfort character. I even made friends there who are also fans of Balan.

    2. I'm focusing on writing my 4th fanfiction, Journeys with Balan. 2 chapters are already published, available to read in FFN, Wattpad, and AO3.

    3. I'm in the process of healing after going through depression that was worse than I could've ever imagined.

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  • Saturday
    Markiplier's words of comfort

    For those who are going through an emotional turmoil, this video will help you through it.

    I'm currently in the process of healing after watching this video and I hope that I would feel better in the coming days.

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  • Friday
    This week has been stressful for me

    I had another emotional breakdown, I've been experiencing stomach cramps since last week, and I've been having negative assumptions lingering in the back of my mind.

    I went back to attending therapy to address these issues and I'm struggling to stay strong.

    P.S. I'm crying whilst typing this.

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  • 2 weeks
    Similar-sounding reality check quotes

    "Life isn't some cartoon musical where you can sing a little song and your insipid dreams will magically come true! So let it go." - Chief Bogo from Zootopia

    "You can't just make everything better by singing some stupid song!" - Spinel from Steven Universe: The Movie

    "Not everything can be solved with a good attitude and a dope music soundtrack." - Willow Park from The Owl House

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I've resigned from work today · 2:46pm Dec 23rd, 2019

It's the very first job I've ever had and I'm absolutely grateful for the opportunity that was given to me. I'll always remember the convenience of having to go to my workplace which is just 2 minutes away from home. I'll miss my colleagues and I'm sure they'll miss me, but I won't miss the two assholes who took advantage of me. Now that the 20s decade is coming, I'm off to a new chapter of my life, ready to learn new things and make mistakes along the way.

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Wish you good fortune to your new chapter of life, your colleague will miss ya for sure but they will remember the good times with you.

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