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Kaiju Profile: The First Beast Geryon · 9:44pm Dec 22nd, 2019

Name: Geryon
Height: 60 meters (on all fours), 110 meters (on hind legs)
Weight: 60,000 Tonnes
Personality: Greyon is driven insane by the wild magic corrupting him, lashing out and destroying all in his way.
- Wings can generate hurricane force winds.
- Razorsharp claws and teeth
- Poisonous stringer
- Can fire an energy beam from the tip of the stinger.
- Can fire a lightning attack from his wings.

Weaknesses: Geryon is an insane animal, and thus lacks higher cognitive abilities and is in a perpetual bloodlust, therefore he can't plan effectively.

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REALLY good job on this starting profile. :-D

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