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[STORY TEASER] Pinkie Pie's Hearth's Warming Vacation, December 21st · 11:37pm Dec 21st, 2019

It's December 21st! Tomorrow is release day of "Pinkie Pie's Hearth's Warming Vacation", my big pony version of "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation"! And I'm not going to lie to you, it's going to be a pretty tight finish for the release date I'm aiming for. As I speak, I am still writing the last few thousand words of it. I might push the publish button very late in my timezone tomorrow, but if no calamities, catastrophes or dramas arise tomorrow (and I honestly don't expect any), US timezones should see the release on the 22nd as spammed promoted.
I am in the final stretch of this story! I hope you're as hyped as I am! And here's your teaser for today:

“Not gonna lie, ah wish we still had one day more to make this shopping trip. Ah'd rather sit down with a mug of cocoa after dealing with those pesky con stallions in Rainbow Falls.” Applejack grimaced as she thought on Flim and Flam's latest plan to trick ponies out of their money. “Ahm sure Fluttershy has it nice and cozy in her cottage right now.”
“What should I say?” Pinkie contributed to the complaint. “I just travelled all the way to Yakyakistan and back and also had to search for the grove of the gift givers! And I still don't know what their gift even means.....”

How about some continuity in celebration of the near-completion of the story? Tying in a story with an episode as closely as possible is a wholesome experience!
You'll get one more teaser tomorrow before the story releases! We're almost there!

Stay easy as a filly!

~ Fluttercheer

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Comments ( 1 )

Eager to see it. And nice to see babies playing instruments.
Nice teaser too!

And I look forward to chat with you again, when you have time

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