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So this is it, friends. Like a hobo sucking down the last few drops of 7-11 wine straight from the bottle, we come to THE LAST OF PONY. Or, uh, at least the last of the pony 'til Hasbro kicks up a G5 in a couple of years or so. For whatever reason (vain hope, mostly), I'd thought this was gonna be another of those 45-minute mini-movies, and what we got was ... not that. Then again, the main pony-show did a couple of holiday episodes already, including the obligatory A Christmas Carol riff, so the well was kinda running dry. Though now I kind of want to see "Die Hard, but Pony." Which ... I think there's a story along those lines that's also Rarijack as a bonus. But I digress.

In any case, let's dive into some HOLIDAY SHORTS. I watched these as they were released individually, and I kind of lost my notes I scribbled down on the earlier ones, but I still vaguely recall the important parts!

But first, some music to get us in the mood!

(A bit NSFW, 'cause swears. And bawdiness. And saxaphones).

Blizzard or Bust

We're ... not off to a good start here. Though the sleep-deprived ponies are pretty funny, I will admit. But ... what were they supposed to be studying FOR? Physics? Geology? Honestly if they'd spent all the time they tried to do the blizzard-con actually studying, they'd probably be in better shape. Meh.

The holiday character model/outfits are neat, though. Rarity has BEST HAT. Mostly 'cause it makes her look like Gina Bellman in that one episode of Leverage where they steal a mountain.

Or maybe Millia Rage.

It's a nice hat, is what I'm saying.

The Thin Red Pie

Or is it "Saving Pinkie's Pie," per the title card? That one sounds like the title of a clopfic. Hm.

Still! This is easily the best one of the lot! I mean, you can tell the animators had a lot of fun-- they've been working on girly fashion shows and music videos and whatnot, and now they can just go all out with the slapstick war story imagery. Plus, FLASH SENTRY, HERO OF EQUESTRIA CANTERLOT HIGH!

Though what really makes this is the fact that it's got STAKES. They need to get the souffle to Rarity (and her great hat) in seven minutes, and there's an obstacle right there in front of them. Hijinks ensue. I love this cartoon.

The Cider House Fools

Well, uh, good pun in the title, at least? It's ... not exactly clear what's going on aside from the FlimFlams coming over to act like jerks for whatever reason? At least the triple-cross-hijinks is kinda fun? Coulda been plotted better, but what can ya do.

Winter Break-In

Part Rashomon, part heist flick. It's ... eh. At least Applejack's the only one to remember 'hey don't we have superpowers?'

Dashing Through the Mall

Okay, this is a runner up to "Pinkie and Sunset go to war." Again, there are STAKES, and watching Rainbow Dash be an idiot is always fun. Not to mention Zephyr Breeze is consistently, entertainingly awful.

Plus, this episode is SHIPPY AS HELL, which means I dig it. We get Lyrabon! And then some dudes hugging! And then a theoretically hetero pairing! It's not quite Steven Universe (or even She-Ra) levels of gay, but there's still bait there. Especially when Rainbow Dash drops a line about wanting a present to show "how much I love Fluttershy" or something like that. Which isn't to say that all love is romantic but still you're throwing steaks to the wolves whenever you drop the 'l' word from one character about another.

Oh and we get M'LADY PONY which legit made me pause the video 'cause I was laughing so hard. Seriously, go watch this cartoon.

O Come All Ye Squashful

And ... huh. That's ... something. At least the rest of the cast were like "uh Applejack this idea sounds awful." But then Rarity went along with it because she wants to get into Applejack's pants. And ... that's about it?

OH and a brief hint at Derpy/Bulk Bicep shipping and I AM ALL FOR THIS.

I wonder if Tabitha St. Germain knew this was gonna be LAST PONY EVAR or not, though-- as she really puts her all into her performance here, which is enough to lift a generally WTF-ish short into something watchable. And, uh ... that's it, really.

Something something "not with a bang but a whimper."

But hey! It was fun while it lasted, right? Plus there's always fanfic. Or at least clopfic. Or ... something. Huh. Dunno where I'm going with this, honestly.

At least I'm gonna go see a Star War tomorrow. So that should be fun.

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Comments ( 5 )

I really enjoyed this it just isn't what I would have chosen for a final Equestria Girls cartoon. The good news is we are getting a new EQG Comic which is a pleasant surprise since I was sure that terrible holiday comic had sunk the possibility of EQG comics forever.

Plus, this episode is SHIPPY AS HELL, which means I dig it.



(I will take whatever I can get, darn it.)

But yeah, this was basically a collection of slightly longer web shorts. Fun, but a bit of a mediocre note to go out on. But, again, fun.


Oh yeah! Almost forgot about that!

Is that the same parrot from Rollercoaster of Friendship?

Possibly. Definitely the same Flash asset manufacturer.

I felt the same way you did, although I haven't seen "O Come All Ye Squashful" yet. It sounds like I'm not missing much.

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