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  • Wednesday
    I have autism

    I think it's both a curse and a blessing. I often say the wrong thing, and get everyone mad.

    On the other hand, it can be helpful sometimes when writing a random story.

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    Petting Session updated.

    I added another 4th chapter to Petting Session.

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    Petting Session 4 And Other News

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Has anyone seen the new Star Wars? · 10:22am Dec 19th, 2019

Have any of you, my followers seen the new movie? Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Is it SJW trash? Is it worth seeing?

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Comments ( 8 )

I have no idea. I can't tell if it's just bad, or that the fandom just hates it...

How about, oh, I dunno . . . going to see it yourself and making up your own mind whether or not you like it? Instead of trying to fit in by basing your opinion off those of others?

I saw the Last Jedi. It was pure trash. In your face communist, SJW, anti-capitalism, anti-male propaganda.

I hate the new Star Wars for the most part.

It feels like they squished two movies into one. They threw a ton of information in our face to make up for TLJ. It's really fast paced at the start and it's hard to understand everything that's going on, but it slows down to a more comfortable pace at the second half of the movie.
That's it from a storyline perspective, but as for all the SJW crap, there doesn't to be much. Rey is still a bit overpowered but I dont think there's too much that's wrong in the movie. I recommend you watch it. Twice if you want to understand everything going on.

If you ask me, Star Wars always had silly moments and trashy moments. So, really, I personally never saw the big deal when any Star Wars project is deemed terrible and never should have existed by a loud majority of fans. Every franchise has its ups and downs. But I would rather have a terrible memorable "pure trash" Star Wars film that can inspire someone to improve than a forgettable project that leaves no impression whatsoever, nothing but a waste of time. At least the bad stuff DOES make an impact.

How is it communist?

SJWs tend to lean heavily into Socialism, which is often seen as one step away from Communism.

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