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Late Night Vibes · 8:21am Dec 19th, 2019

Original art by BootsySlickmane

Maybe one day I'll remember how to be me again.

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Comments ( 10 )

Scampy you not trash and your not worthless

I wish you would stop beating yourself up so much. You have worth and your not trash don’t ever believe the doubts that you are.

Comment posted by Painkiller deleted Dec 19th, 2019

Dude that’s not helping and yeah your condition also really concerning.

Ahh, sad vibes for a late night/early morning. I hope that you remember that you're pretty awesome sometime soon.

You are absolutely not trash of any sort, and certainly not worthless.

Sunset shouldn’t listen to those voices, and you shouldn’t either.

You deserve happiness just like everyone does! You matter to me and your other friends, and we're all here for you.

Yeah that’s definitely a recurring thought when things seem to slip.

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