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Merry Christmas! Ask Me Anything! · 2:27am Dec 18th, 2019

it's Christmas Time! So ask good old St. Rated here any questions regarding me, my fics, or opinions of mine. If I am not responding to you at the moment, it means that I am busy at work or asleep.

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If you could write a new chapter to any of your ancient stories, which one deserves a few more paragraphs?

Death of Button Mash. I feel sorry I left that non-finished

Witch story of yours is your favourite

That I wrote? NegotationsVerse

Other than Edge who is your favorite wrestler?

Undertaker, Adam Cole, Hulk Hogan, and The Rock

If you were to turn into your mlp sona, what would you do?

Are you an Anime person? If you are, what're your favorite anime?

I don't have one so nothing I guess

Too many to count lol

Same here, there are so many I like: One Piece, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Sword Art Online, Gun Gale Online, Gun Gale Online AU, Naruto, Soul Eater, Black Clover (this one I have only recently began watching), that's about all...but I doubt that'll last:rainbowlaugh:!

Do you think you will ever write a sequel for Dazzling Sun?

Are you going to update sanguine kindness anytime soon?

Who your Favorite Young Six and why you like him/her


I'm hoping to have the last two chapter February and March

Gallus because he has the most interesting backstory

I’ve recently reread your blogs about the deities of the Assassinsverse, without getting into spoilers what exactly is Discord? A god, demigod, an oddity in the world, or something else? You do mention that he eventually dies in Aftermath of a Fallen Star, where is he going in the afterlife?
Thanks for all the work you do!

Unfortunate. Regardless thank you for the prompt response.

Do you have any recommendations for stories similar to sanguine? I really love that story, and I can't wait to see more of it.

Also, in said story, I seem to recall that rainbow got bit, but she doesn't contract vampirism, how does that mechanic work?

Discord is something from outside of the dimension that the story takes place in. Compared to the gods, he can do some things they can't and they can do something he can't. The Creator Gods are more powerful then him though

She didn't inject her with her own blood necessary to make her a vampire. There are lores that vampires can bite without making another vampire.

If you were to make a legion of super-soldiers, what would they specialize in and what would their legion be called?

Did you mistake Smolder as a boy when she first appear since she somewhat look like a male then female.
And I don't know if I can ask two question I would ask before I forgot. do you have any plan to make your Oc character story and what race would they be. I like to see (Not a request) Spike have a big older dragon brother figure

They would specialize is Cybernetic Warfare Assassination. Basically, they hack while fighting and can control electronics of everything nearby while taking down enemies. They would be called Cy-Tac (Cybernetic Tactics) Squad.

I knew she was a girl based on her figure. Male dragons tend to either be more muscle or chubby. Females ten to be thinner. And no, I have no plans to make my own OC

Do you like penguins?

The airline fairy visits and gifts you with a free first-class ticket to anywhere in the world for a two week vacation. Where would you go? :)

If you could punch one fimfiction user
Who would it be?

choosing not to answer or neither automatically assumes Knighty

If you had to read one fic forever (basically Best Night Ever,) what would you pick and why?



Nobody, because if I hate them that much they aren't worth it.

None because reading the same story forever gets boring

Of your own fics, which story got more attention than you expected and which story do you think should get more attention than it has? And, if you feel like answering it, the same question but for another author you really like.

I was surprised that Negotiations got as much attention as it did. I wish my Path series got more

Is there anything you wish you did differently with any of your stories? If yes, then what would you change about it?

Honestly the whole Luna angle in Aftermath. Had I known it was going to be revived that badly I might have changed it

Favourite video game?

Yes, I have a rather serious question.

How would you like to help make brony history?

Mass effect series
Depends what is it

Shall we move into a private message so I may give details?

I am at work now so I can’t have long discussion at the moment but you can message the details

Same here. I'm on my way to work now. I'll send details in private message.

In you assassination verse stories we know that a splinter group on Unicorns refused to jion with the other tribes, crossed the ocean and form Unicornia. Did anything similar happen with the other pony tribes?

Yes. The Pegasi tried to take over Equestrian land when it was clear staying behind was hurting them. They lost badly and were forced to become part of the nation. The Earth ponies tried to search for new land but were all killed crossing the bad lands by changelings of dragons

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